My Fiona tells the poignant story of grief and loss while exploring sexual identity in today’s reality. In the wake of an unexpected suicide, Jane (Jeanette Maus) finds herself overwhelmed by the loss of her best friend, Fiona. As she begins helping Fiona’s widow Gemma (Corbin Reid) care for their seven-year-old son, the relationship develops from a tentative friendship to a much deeper affair that helps them cope but threatens their ability to heal.

As the two women navigate this delicate dynamic, they must grapple with the realization that while a relationship can be new and exciting, it can also be painful to look into a partner’s eyes and see the ones we’ve lost. Unafraid to confront the ugliness of unexpected tragedy and the struggle to avoid sabotaging the happiness we may find in its wake, My Fiona is quietly devastating but never without hope: a portrait of love and loss that is heartrending, beautiful, and very, very real.

In her feature film debut, director Kelly Walker sheds light on complex familial situations and relationships that occur after the sudden loss of a loved one. My Fiona traverses the intricacies of grief while injecting moments of levity and joy throughout the story. Mirroring the current pandemic era, the films’ message of mourning our hopes and fears is more poignant now than ever.