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It’s been said many times before, but it’s well worth repeating: the real advantage is that the internet has given virtually everyone a voice. In particular, where it really comes into its own is when the online landscape allows real people, with no agenda, to objectively review products and services that they’ve experienced firsthand.

Where it becomes more powerful still is when those reviewers are truly passionate and invested in whatever they are reviewing. A prime example of this is within the gaming industry. As soon as any new game is released, you can rely on the fact that there’s an army of enthusiastic gamers out there to give their immediate and heartfelt opinions. It could be that they have nothing but praise and the developers can feel that all their hard work and investment of time has paid off. On the other hand, it could be that it’s a thumbs down – a surely dispiriting experience.

The Power of The Online Gamer

However, one thing that’s for sure is that those online critics are coming from an honest, truthful, and passionate place to deliver their verdict, whether damning or praising. For some games, like Hades, which was released in August, it’s been very much a case of the latter while Destruction Allstars was widely panned as soon as players were able to get their hands on it.

These positive and negative reviews are driven by a number of factors, which players are more than happy to dissect. Obviously, at the highest level, there’s the subject of the game closely followed by its playability. Then it comes down to aspects like the quality of the graphics, the fidelity to previous games within the franchise, and the quality of the soundtrack.

Of course, it’s not just the reviews themselves that are so compelling and convincing. It’s also the passion with which they’ve delivered from people with a deep knowledge of the subject as well as the authentic, unbiased drive to share their strong opinions.

Developers are all too aware that the strength of reviews by gamers can be more effective, in some cases, than the expensive marketing campaigns planned for months and even years before a game is released. In some cases, developers may attempt to sweeten the verdict, but a faithful video gamer refuses to be bought out.

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Other Entertainment Sectors

It’s not the only way that the internet can direct us to the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to entertainment. It’s become second nature to consult the likes of well-established YouTubers and amateur review sites because the verdicts are likely to be grounded in the legitimate experiences of other avid fans. This is also applicable in the world of cinema and online gambling. 

In the case of online gambling, directories are now used to conveniently categorize online casinos depending on their user reviews and other features such as their competitive welcome bonuses and incentives. This approach enables users to find the best bang for their buck and tailor their experiences, based on insight from other online casino players. For further information on this directory system, you can read the online article supplied by BonusFinder.

In addition, consider, for instance, sites like Rotten Tomatoes and its now invaluable Audience Score tool for film fans. This tool is imperative because it provides a vast array of reputable opinions from other cinephiles, which is useful because films that have been loved by professional critics have received a long, loud raspberry from the film-watching public.

So if you’re ever held back by the feeling that reviewing a new game yourself might be the pinnacle of nerdishness, don’t be. Your opinion counts – and countless other gamers are waiting to hear it.