It has been a while since we have seen a farming sim on this side of TGON. So, with the season of Lego Masters US complete, I thought now would be an excellent time to get back to my roots. Plus, fall is upon us! Meaning playing farming video games, snuggled up in our blankets, and drinking cider is super in right now. So, without further ado, let’s look into Harvest Days.

harvest days
Source: Harvest Days’ Presskit

The Premise

Tired of working a soul-draining nine to five job, the player finds themselves reminiscing about their childhood. As a kid, the PC used to visit their grandparents in the countryside. To get back to their roots, they decide to leave the daily grind behind and move to Duda’s Village, a rural community. Armed with only a few coins and a plot of land, the player has a choice to make. Will they turn this once-thriving village into a booming town? Will the player create a fantastic farm and forge lasting connections with their community? The choice is yours in Harvest Days!

Ranching and Farming

With a name like Harvest Days, one would expect a farming element to this game. They wouldn’t be wrong; however, there are some unique elements the developers, Family Devs, have created. Players can expect to grow crops like pumpkins or sunflowers or trees such as apples or oranges. In order to develop crops, players will need to forage or purchase seeds from a trader in town. These crops can then be sold, traded, or used in cooking. However, what happens when your farm gets a little too big? We have all been there, growing hundreds of crops without enough time to harvest them all in one day. Well, this game has introduced vehicles into the mix! Players can use a tractor, harvester, excavator, and a pickup truck to get around or do chores. This brings us to the ranching portion of this indie title.

Every farming sim needs cute animals to produce some form of good, and Harvest Days is no different! Players will need to make a barn before meeting with the animal breeder to purchase a little buddy. Some livestock choices include chickens, cows, rabbits, and more. In addition, they can produce eggs, wool, milk, and a host of other goods. However, if the farming aspect does not tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other things to do around Duda’s Village.

Fishing, Mining, and Crafting Oh My!

When tending to the farm is done for the day, players have a host of other activities they can do. For example, fishing in the lake can bring in some wild fish like sturgeon or koi. Players can also go deep into the mine to find gems for upgrading tools. Crafting can be used to make items for the home as well as the farm. Some examples include a dog house, couch, and beehives. Speaking of crafting, players can also buy plots of land in town. This allows them to create new buildings, which will bring in more townsfolk. But the fun does not stop there! Another significant aspect of Harvest Days is environmental care. Players can recycle, clean up the forest, and build windmills or solar panels.

harvest days
Source: Harvest Days’ Presskit


Based on the Kickstarter campaign, I think Harvest Days has exponential potential. The father-son duo of Family Devs is creating something unique. Players have a variety of choices when it comes to character customization and making this game their own. The graphics are simple yet elegant and bring an inviting aura to the game. Even the music samples are reminiscent of Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life, and I am all about it! You cannot go wrong with inspiration drawn from Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Stardew Valley. Overall, Harvest Days looks like it will make a great addition to my farming sim collection.

Odds and Ends

At the time of writing this, Harvest Days was in its Kickstarter campaign. However, players can anticipate a release in the latter part of 2022. It will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation. In the end, if you want to keep up with this title, be sure to check out their Twitter.