First things first, MOBA games are the new face of the gaming industry because of the competitive side of it. Gaming was just about singleplayer once upon a time. Gamers were not in the serious mode because there were no serious things going on in the gaming area. No tournaments, lol betting sites, etc… I said lol betting sites because lol is one of the online games that have the most active players worldwide, especially lol runs for the top in MOBA area. Dota is the rival of LoL but it’s too complicated compared to LoL. LoL is pure joy and fun, and watching or betting on lol is one of the most entertaining things to do in the esport area. It’s like being a fan of a football team. Lol is the new football of our era.

Lol betting and why to bet on League of Legends

Nowadays, people are fans of LoL teams like some people are fans of football teams. Supporting teams are not enough for some fans, so they bet on lol like some do on football. They support their teams not with just their cheers, but also they bet on their teams to show their boundaries. People are trusting their teams, and they become fanatics at some point. The betting industry involves fanaticism. Real fans a.k.a fanatics are the fuel of the betting industry. As we can see clearly, we all need a platform for all these gamers to bet freely. You can follow the latest news about the online games you play. CS:GO, Valorant, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Dota 2. As we all know, the LoL and Dota 2 communities are arch-rivals. LoL community does not like Dota community, and Dota community does not like LoL community either.

 At this point, I will explain the reasons why the LoL world championship is the best championship in the world. The first reason is the player base. Since the player base of Dota is very high in age, there is no great frenzy and enthusiasm in the tournaments. LoL offers an extremely competitive and fun championship experience as the player base of Lol is younger. LoL tournaments are the most enjoyable and competitive tournaments in the MOBA category because young players feel the energy of the tournament to the fullest, but they also want to bet to make the match more interesting to watch and often ask where to find LoL betting sites? The reason why is one of the best LoL betting sites is because of its simple design. When you enter the site you are greeted with a very simple and human-like design. Simplicity and reliability are the most desirable things for a betting site, especially for lol betting sites, because the young community demands more trust in the site.

League of legends betting is different than the others because of the reasons that I mentioned above; young community, high tension competition (in a good way), and lol being more international because of the easy mechanics compared to other MOBA games in the market. The ease of mechanics allows both the younger people and people who are not very interested in online games to play LoL easily. We can compare League of Legends with football. Football rules are easy, and football is an easy game to play, the hard part is mastering it. But Dota 2 is hard to even in terms of mechanics and game understanding. Dota 2 betters are not as global as LoL betters. League of Legends betting is pure pleasure, It is not possible to get lost in mechanics and game knowledge. To bet in League of Legends, it is not necessary to have a good knowledge of everything. You just enjoy the crowd and the show when you watch the League of Legends World Championship. Events, cosplay shows, awards, contests, excellent broadcasters… League of Legends World Championship welcomes every kind of person to enjoy and bet on. The league of legends world championship, which is a competitive championship, is the best among all genres, both in the MOBA genre and the others, thanks to factors such as easy being easy to reach, easier to grasp, fanatic supporters of teams, etc… The other is that it is not complicated as MOBA games, and even the football teams of some countries set up League of Legends teams in some countries showing how universal and big of a game League of Legends is, and at the same time the biggest online game championship is the League of Legends World Championship.


To sum up, being easy to understand, being reachable, being bettable, and enjoyable for all kinds of gamers makes the League of Legends World Championship the best esport tournament for watching.