Books are things that allow us to move through time and experience emotions along with the characters. But do you know that thanks to books, we can also experience excitement? The Game of Nerds will help you find out about the best gambling novels that will allow you to experience unforgettable emotions.

Top 5 Novels That Are Associated With Excitement

Let’s not delay and move on to the most interesting part of our article and find out which novels will help you immerse yourself in the world of excitement and inspiration.

Comped by Bill Kearney

This book appeared in 2001 when online casino were not yet popular. This novel takes you back to the 80s in Atlantic City. It was the period when traditional places for gambling were born. You will be able to see life at this time from the inside and through the eyes of a man who loved to make high stakes. All events are based on real history. You will meet a hero who will show you his life, from his first home to the luxury property that was provided by the casino for its own purposes. The book is available on Amazon.

Molly’s Game by Molly Bloom

Want to know the scandalous story of the famous owner of one of the most popular underground poker rooms? This story is about Molly Bloom and her life at 26. There she talks about how she was able to organize one of the most exclusive poker games in the world. Her regular visitors were the celebrities of show business and the mafia. This is an incredibly fascinating story that will help you learn the success story of a rather controversial business. If you want to try your hand at gambling, then you can go to the King Billy page. However, do not forget that this is just a way to have fun and nothing more!

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

Do you know Ian Fleming who wrote some of the most famous James Bond novels? At the beginning of this story, nothing foreshadowed trouble, because the hero only needed to emerge victorious from a card game called Texas Hold’em (you can easily find this game in many different Canadian online casino). In this way, he would be able to destroy the plans of foreign intelligence. However, suddenly he has an enemy who disrupted his plans. But that’s not all! Suddenly, the hero met his love, which complicated his mission. Will he be able to cope with everything and complete the mission? You can find out about it in the book.

The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoevsky

This story tells how gambling became the meaning of the life of the protagonist. The plot takes place in a German resort town called Roulettenburg. The main characters of the novel are waiting for the death of their grandmother in order to receive a big inheritance. However, the grandmother becomes addicted to the roulette player and loses everything. Alexei, the main character, falls in love with the general’s stepdaughter and tries to win a huge amount of money in a casino to get her attention. Because of this, he becomes an inveterate player who is completely captivated by excitement.

One of a Kind: The rise and fall of Stuey by Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson

Another fascinating autobiography where you can immerse yourself in the story of the great poker player Stuey Ungar. He was a three-time tournament champion. You will learn about the tragic moments of his life, which became part of his path to success. Readers will be surprised by the incredible writing that was created from some of the entries. This is an interesting story where you can learn valuable lessons for yourself. Especially suitable for those who like to play online casino in real money.


Due to the fact that online gambling platforms are gaining more and more popularity in our modern world, we recommend reading these books and getting valuable lessons for yourself, as well as experiencing unreal emotions associated with excitement and strong passion. Learn more about the industry that is actively taking over our world. 

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