Isobel has been in stasis for a few weeks after being injected with Liz’s serum, but Liz found a cure, and Isobel is all better. But Liz is still having a hard time with Isobel and the fact that she killed her sister Rosa. But Max and Lizare in a good place, which is a huge change. And now many more people know about Max, Isobel, and Michael’s secret. Including Alex.

But, there are more pressing issues, like the 4th alien, a serial killer. And Isobel how to explain to her husband where she was and who she is. He is freaked out and buys a gun to protect himself. And he is freaking out because he thinks she manipulated him to love her. But she explains to him that it is not like that and that she is still the same person. She explains all that she can to him.

Michael shares a huge secret with Alex and shows him the pieces of an alien ship that he has, and it opens up a huge can of worms. After that, everyone starts combining information and opening more doors to their past and who they are. Then Alex and Kyle combine notes, and they begin to get somewhere.

Isobel has a flashback of memories that are hers, but she doesn’t remember doing them. It was a memory involving Rosa. She thinks it’s because of Liz’s serum and goes to the hospital to seek out some more. While she and Noah are at the hospital, a shooter is on the scene. She was shooting up the place and injuring Noah. No one knows why the shooter is there, and suddenly the research wing can be seen burning. Max goes back inside to help, and Isobel has another flashback. Rosa is also in this memory as well.

But something strange is going on as the shooter explains to Max that he doesn’t know why he did this and hates guns. Cameron also explains to Max that it is unlike his character. Finally, Isobel goes to see Michael and explains the memory and what she felt in that memory. But he shrugs it off. But something strange is going on.

Maria and Michael vow not to sleep together again because she doesn’t want to hurt Alex, but you can tell there are some feelings there that are growing. The question is will they be able to deny it. Liz and Max at the hospital figure out that the 4th alien may have powers that none of them could have ever imagined. And these blackouts could explain the crazy things that have happened, including Rosa’s death. But then Isobel has the worse flashback of them all.