Last week’s episode of Lego Masters was all about puppeteering and putting on a good show. This week the teams are faced with a never-before-seen challenge merging land and sea critters. Will the groups be pulled apart? Well, briefly anyway, but we will also get to see our potential Brick Masters shine single-handedly. To find out if the players suck or swam, we will have to read on!

lego masters
Source: GeekWire

The Challenge

As the players entered the workroom, they found a large dividing brick wall. Arnett was adamant that his team did not put it up and demanded to know who did. He assumed one of the players suddenly became a prankster. However, during his interrogation, lightning flashed, and the screen was filled with the visage of Evil Will.  It turns out, Evil Will had some plans of his own and demanded the teams be separated for this challenge. Each player had five hours to create either a land or sea creature, based on what the teams decided.

However, that was not the only challenge the teams had to face! After crafting their Lego creations, the judges explained there was a part two. The players then had to join forces and mash their designs together. Overall, this was a blessing to some teams, a few were a little less excited. Above all, with only five additional hours on the clock, let us see what they created.

The Builds

ParticipantsLand AnimalSea AnimalMashup
Zack and Wayne CrocodileLionfishLioncroc
Mark and StevenGiraffeJellyfishJelraffe
Caleb and JacobChameleonLobsterChamelobster
Dave and RichardPenguinCoralPoco Rocko
Natalie and MichelleElectric EelRatRateelian
A table of the participants, land and sea animals, and their created mashup.

Favorites and Least Favorites

The first team up for the win was Zack and Wayne with their Lioncroc. This beast was a seamless mixture of crocodile and lionfish, making for a terrifying creature. In addition, Caleb and Jacob with the Chamelobster were in the running. These twins harnessed their telepathy and proportioned their builds perfectly, creating a beautiful build. The winners this week were Caleb and Jacob for their fun and flawless build. Unfortunately, two other teams were not as lucky.

The first team called for the bottom was Natalie and Michelle with Rateelian. Unfortunately, the judges felt that their creature was lost in the scenery of cheese. This kept their critter from standing out against the competition. Similarly, the second team-up for elimination was Dave and Richard with Poco Rocko. While the judges loved Poco Rocko as a character, they felt the mashup between the penguin and coral left a lot to be desired. In the end, the team that went home was David and Richard.

Odd and Ends

In conclusion, this episode of Lego Masters proves the competition is more fierce than ever. If I was in this competition, I think I would have chosen an animal with horns, like a narwhal or unicorn. Giving a build horns for legs would have been a game-changer. So, in the end, if you want to get your brick on, be sure to watch this episode and more on Hulu.