Holiday movies are usually filled with love and laughter, maybe even a glimpse of old St. Nick himself. Not everyone is into the classics such as Christmas Vacation or Mixed Nuts, and that is where this list comes into play. We will be doing a deep dive into the Hulu anthology series Into the Dark, specifically the Christmas and New Year’s themed movies.

Into the Dark is centered around the idea of holidays. Each feature-length episode is paired with the holiday nearest to release. Typical holidays seen in this series include Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving; however, viewers also received episodes for Pet Appreciation Week and International Women’s Day. Each of these films is for a mature audience, so viewer discretion is advised.

Christmas Tales

Source: Slash Film


With the holiday season in full swing, a struggling actor took up a job as a mascot to promote the hot new toy of the year, Pooka. Things take a turn for the worst when he slowly develops two personalities; the beloved Pooka warped his personality and began affecting those around him. This Into the Dark tale is sure to change your views on consumerism and mascots alike.

Pooka Lives!

This sequel brings the loveable character of Pooka to life via a viral internet challenge. A group of high school friends created their Creepypasta about Pooka, citing the character’s creator as a homicidal- woman bent on revenge after being dismissed from her job. It is all fun and games until these murderous versions of Pooka come to life.

A Nasty Piece of Work

Into the Dark brings the holiday bonus scene in Christmas Vacation to a darker place. A cooperate employee found out he would not be receiving a Christmas bonus nor the promotion he expected. He did receive a dinner at his boss’s house and an exciting proposition involving a deadly game with his peer.

New Year’s Stories

Source: Halloween Year Round

New Year, New You

This episode of Into the Dark gives a new take on a girls’ night in when a group of friends’ rings in the New Year together. Once upon a time, one of the girls drove a babysitting client to commit suicide, and another is bent on revenge for this evil deed.

Midnight Kiss

Finally, a group of friends start the New Year at a desert resort and begin playing their favorite holiday game Midnight Kiss. This adventure aims to find someone to kiss before midnight; however, a murderer joins in their game, making living the ultimate goal.