Several Notable Shifts Have Happened

Think about this: Moore’s Law intervals are still in play even though it’s 2021, and component miniaturization which caused Gordon Moore to make the observation in the first place is no longer compounding on itself. What has happened is that collateral features of technology have come together to fundamentally enhance speed and graphical capability.

For example, a solid-state drive (SSD) can make a computer that’s otherwise just the same as a traditional disc drive function like a next-generation machine. Add to SSD drives in computers access to cloud computing software, decentralization, IoT, apps, wireless charging, and the list goes on.

Such breakthroughs translate to gaming. Think about it. We’ve come a long way since Pong. By the mid-nineties, texture mapping and polygon creation made fully-realized 3D environments a thing. By 2000, 128-bit systems hit the market—there were more than 16 times as powerful as 8-bit systems!

By 2006, the PS3 was in play. The PS4 started another generation of gaming, and recently the PS5 was launched. That’s in conjunction with Nintendo and Xbox console upgrades. The hardware has gotten almost photorealistic at this point. And as the hardware has changed, so also has the software. Here, we’ll explore that—specifically, as regards shooting games.

Image by justraveling from Pixabay

1. Online Multiplayer Tends To Dominate Shooters

Have you played the multiplayer setting on Call of Duty recently? Did you do it with friends, or over the internet? Back in the nineties, when the N64’s Goldeneye changed the world of first-person shooters, people played multiplayer games with one another. Even as late as 2008, Xbox’s Halo had a very similar dynamic.

But somewhere around 2011, online multiplayer gaming really started to dominate, and as of 2021, you’re more likely to be in some sort of massive online multiplayer environment. So if you’re really going to enjoy shooters today, you need to have a solid internet connection.

2. You Can Make A Living At These Games

Making a living as a gamer used to really only be possible competitively. Today that’s still the case, but there are also “mining” opportunities with games like World of Warcraft, and there are also testing opportunities where you essentially play through games to write a review. Here’s a list of eight ways to make money as a gamer.

The point is, you can play games and see your bank account grow. Shooters tend to be one of the best vehicles for that kind of outcome.

3. There’s Something To Be Said For Hacking

Hacking used to be a lot more taboo than it is today. However, as stores like GameStop have become stock market fodder while brick-and-mortar locations close, things are changing. A lot of hacking mods are used to make shooters more fun than they were by opening up “gated” areas, giving players access to unfinished things or easter eggs, and more.Also, it’s worth noting that without hacking, sometimes you can’t even really play certain games. Moderators and admins are kind of behind on this. Finally, it can certainly be fun to swoosh in out of the left field and dominate a bunch of noobs. So there’s something to be said for Guided Hacking deals like those in the link. Ten years ago, people thought much differently.

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4. Good Graphics Don’t Mean A Good Shooter

Today’s games have almost perfect graphics. VR (Virtual Reality) is getting quite big. But just because a game has picture-perfect environments and effects doesn’t mean it’s any fun; just think of 2018’s Bravo Team, or R.I.P.D. The Game. If anything, the last ten years have taught us this lesson to several decimal places.

5. Gaming Reviews Have Gone The Way Of Rotten Tomatoes

Most gamers will likely never forget “Gamergate”, which started in 2014. Essentially, it was revealed that many who represented themselves as gamers were no such thing. It turned out many of these individuals were directing the international “conversation”.You can’t trust what people say about games collaterally, shooters or otherwise. Reviews are often slanted these days.

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Putting Your Gaming Knowledge To Good Use

You can’t trust reviews, graphics don’t indicate gaming quality, hacking is more acceptable than it’s been, you can make a living as a gamer in increasingly diverse ways, and online multiplayer events dominate shooters like never before. So what do you do with that information?

Well, you could start earning money as a gamer, you could just start having more fun. But if you really want to get some perspective, look at the sort of games there were ten years ago, and the sort of games that define the market today. While things have advanced, the way that has happened is different than many would have expected.