Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA is a game genre that’s taken the world by storm. Inspired by classic RPG and real-time strategy games, MOBA has managed to combine the best of both these worlds and forged its own sub-genre and path.

Where fans and loyal community members once flocked to games such as DOTA and World of Warcraft III, people are now choosing the MOBA gaming experience. But why? What makes this genre so popular? Many would argue it’s due to the success of LoL; who knows? One way to examine why these games are so popular is by looking at the pros and cons of MOBA games.

Pros of Playing MOBA Games

In the landscape of gaming, there are two types of gamers. You get the hardcore console or PC gamer who spend their hard-earned cash buying blockbuster-developed video games. Even though PC gamers and console gamers tend to act at war for bragging rights over which is better. There is one thing they both always agree on – Gaming, at least to them, is meant to be played on a gaming rig or a console. 

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On the other hand, you have the emerging giant that is Android or, rather, iOS platform—a platform where gaming can be pulled off on the fly. A platform where carrying your favorite game around is as simple as carrying your mobile phone with you. There is something to be said about its addictive accessibility.

It’s an obvious point to mention but think about it. As a result, you get to play your game anywhere in the world and at any time. Sure some people might argue you can do the same with the Nintendo Switch, but remember, the Switch only came around in recent years. MOBA has been around for more than 10 years.

MOBA is the reason pros can stream on twitch all day for a living and have loyal fans worship them on a level of fame akin to that of a movie or pop star. There is more to be said on this topic, but MOBA wins this round for now.

Cons of Playing MOBA Games

Buttons and controls. Admit it; you were thinking the very same thing. Sure, iOS has accessibility, but gaming on your mobile isn’t exactly easy either. Think about it; buttons are the one thing that gives you the ability to control your actions in any game fully. How often have you ever found yourself at the mercy of death just because a button command felt unresponsive? 

Anyone who can relate to this will agree any gamer is only as good as how well he can play. It’s the reason why pro players are always seen carrying their controllers or keyboards when playing at tournament levels. Their skills depend on how accurately they execute their commands at the push of a button. Something iOS touch screen devices are sorely lacking. As a result, many people are put off by MOBA games as it takes some adjusting.

LoL Tier List and Final Thoughts

In general, by and large, many would agree that we all game because gaming offers us endless fun. It’s not about where we game on so much as how gaming makes you feel, and perhaps that’s the reason why this sub-genre is so popular.
For others, though, gaming is a reason to test their might and show pure dominance on the playground. These warriors live and study other players to master their craft and be the best. If you feel this is you, then visit this page and see how well you fare on the tier list, and most importantly, remember gaming is all about fun. So have fun and try not to take it all too seriously.