Gaming has seen massive growth in recent times and now sits proudly as arguably the biggest niche within entertainment. The hundreds of billions of dollars that the sector makes per year now and the mainstream attention it gets makes this hard to disagree with. All of this recent growth and attention has seen an influx of new people come into gaming. 

However, these new gamers might not play regularly and instead choose to enjoy the odd session now and again. As a result, you might find that these people are only interested in games that are accessible, simple to pick up, and quick to get into. Which are some of the simplest and most accessible games to recommend if less-regular gamers ask for your advice?

Golden Pot

If you have friends who do not game regularly but want simple games to enjoy occasionally, online slots are perfect. There is a huge choice in this area though, so it makes sense to get help finding the latest slot games to recommend. NetEnt Casino is a great place to head online for trusted information on not only fresh games to play but also the best to recommend to friends. One online slot game you might come across that is simple and lots of fun is Golden Pot.

It comes with a charming Irish theme, colorful graphics, and an easy-to-understand game design. From developers Cayetano, it sees players hunting for that elusive pot of gold and trying to bag some smaller, more regular wins as they go. The fun nature of this slot plus simple-to-grasp bonuses such as free spins make it ideal for people who are not looking for more complex titles.

FIFA soccer games

Switching our attention to video games, you can’t really go wrong with recommending any of the FIFA soccer titles to friends who do not game regularly. While a new version is released annually, playing any of these titles is fun, exciting and easy to get to grips with. 

The realism that the FIFA games pack is pretty awesome, and they contain real-life clubs and real-life players from authentic global leagues. Whether you choose to manage a club or carve out a career as an individual player, these are very accessible games to dive into. The game controls are simple to pick up and there is lots of fun to be had with quick one-off games, if your friend does not want to play a longer session.

Angry Birds

Hyper-casual titles are perhaps the best genre to focus on when recommending games to people who are not regular gamers. This is because hyper-casual titles are designed to be simple to understand and easy to pick up. They generally involve basic storylines and fun, engaging gameplay. A great example is the classic that is Angry Birds

This was a major hit for mobile players in particular and was a game that made mobile play very popular (along with other hyper-casual games such as Candy Crush Saga). The main aim is to fire the angry birds from a slingshot in an attempt to destroy the in-game pigs plus the structures they are on. It gets progressively tougher as you go and upgrades also come into play as you progress. As simple, accessible games go, this is tough to beat.


The open-world nature and ability to go deep into the gameplay might put you off recommending Minecraft to casual gaming pals. However, this would be a mistake! Minecraft is one of the top games for beginners to try and ideal for those seeking games that are easy to pick up. 

It is perfectly possible to play this game in a basic way and for shorter sessions if your casual gaming friends prefer. Even a short session running about chopping down trees with axes or building a small wooden hut is fun. If you stick to Creative mode, it gets even easier and more fun as all the blocks you need to build awesome stuff quickly are there! For a darker take on crafting games, why not also suggest Wytchwood?

Accessible games for casual gamers

Gaming has truly gone mainstream, which means that you might have friends who like to play now and again. As non-hardcore gamers though, they might not want more complex titles or styles of game. They may well instead value simpler games that are easy to pick up and give an instant adrenaline fix. If they come to you for advice on what to play, the above are some of the simplest and most accessible games to suggest.