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Following on from people’s love of cute critters comes an eerie, darker addition. Cult of the Lamb has players taking the role of a possessed lamb at the head of a cult. After being saved by a mysterious dark force, the lamb must repay debts by building a following in their name. With your host of woodland worshippers following you, your goal is to establish yourself as the one true cult.

This game combines the creepy with the cute. While you shepherd a flock of frogs, dogs and cats, there’s also a dark magic, sacrifices, and horrifying bosses to battle. For players looking for that cute management sim, mixed with a bit of horror, Cult of the Lamb might just be the perfect combination.

Source: Cult of the Lamb | Official Steam Page

Other Features Include:

  • Collect and use resources to build structures, perform dark rituals to appeal the gods, and reinforce the faith of your flock.
  • Explore a sprawling, randomly generated world, filled with enemies and rival cult leaders. Absorb their powers and assert your cult’s dominance.
  • Take down non-believers in a host of different ways to ensure your flock’s growth.
  • Spread your word over five mysterious regions and establish yourself as the mighty lamb god.

Cult of the Lamb will be available on Steam in 2022. You can check out the official website and the trailer here: