There are a variety of mini-games, from retro shooters to role-playing. These games are fantastic ways to kill time and have fun. There is a different reason why we love or dislike some games. While some are challenging, they could be rewarding and entertaining as well.

Looking into the history of the games we have played over the years, we have those we can play over and over again, and those we thought wasted out time. Here is a look at some of the best and worst games in video mini-game history:

The Good

  1.     The Legend of Zelda’s fishing – Catch the biggest possible fish and experience unrivaled satisfaction as you frustrate the guy who runs the Ocarina. Frustrate him further by throwing his hat into the pond. It sounds sadistic, but in this Nintendo game, it is fun.
  2. Splatoon’s Squid Jump – Appears more like a mobile version of Doodle Jump, with squid replacing the alien. Jump upwards and keep moving with the floods threatening to drown you if you miss your step in the jump.
  3.     Fallout’s computer terminal hacking – If you are a fan of logic puzzles, test yourself with this game, which is not necessarily doesn’t want you to unearth the mastermind-like letter puzzle, but know the secrets
  4.     The Witcher III’s Gwent – In the eyes of money, Gwen portrays itself as a simple card game, more like Hearthstone. But once you play it, you realize its appearance is deceiving. Visit a virtual pub and find out if you can get drunk as you unwind after a stressful day.
  5. The Geometry Wars joke in Project Gotham Racing 2 – This superb twin-stick space shooter has a minimalist retro visual and obdurate difficulty. It integrated into the famous racer, Project Gotham Racing 2. But after its popularity shoots off the roof, its developer Bizarre Creations created its standalone version – Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.
  6.     Skyrim’s lock-picking – Enjoy well-designed lock-picking task with the rumble controller letting you know when you’ve done it right. While it may sound simple, it is a handy challenge only rivaled by the encounter in Wolfenstein: The New Order and Fallout 3.
  7.     Sonic Adventure 2’s Chao Garden – the hedgehog and his pals parent a host of Chaos, weird blue creatures. You take the role of parenting, teaching the creatures to run and swim.
  8. Super Monkey Ball’s Monkey Target – You monkey characters roll down a huge ramp, and you have to glide it gently down past bananas and power-ups to a target in the middle of the sea.  
  9. Timesplitters 2’s Anaconda – Anaconda is purposely in this list because of its amazing better music, excellent graphics and accelerated the added speed, which makes the game much more dynamic.
  10. Bioshock’s hacking – In Bioshock’s hacking, the drill is easy, get the mystery liquid to the end goal without blowing yourself up in the process.


The bad

  1.     Mass Effect 2’s hacking – Its matching up lines are too tiny and blurry. It’s isn’t authentic, and it certainly isn’t fun. It looks more like work. Instead of this game, you rather visit sites such as Eurolotto for example and play some fun casino games
  2.     Final Fantasy X’s Blitzball – The concept of the game itself is misplaced. Who plays underwater basketball? What’s more, it has tedious stats and grinds, particularly if you are losing.  
  3.     Viva Pinata’s sex mazes – How would you even direct animal to have sex? Some games, though! They have to complete a maze, which you can do, but the animal will disappoint you in their romance stage. Whatever the designer of this game had in mind is still a myth we try to crack.
  4.     The ‘speechcraft’ game in Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion – What’s the point of rotating the on-screen wedges to persuade a character to be receptive, for you to win? The game is confusing and unnecessarily overcomplicated.
  5.     Batman: Arkham Knight’s Riddler games – In most games, you work hard and use resources to weaken your enemy, but here spend time and money set up tiny exasperating puzzles around Gotham to improve your arch enemy’s skills. Doesn’t make sense at all

Well, there you have them, the best ten best and five worst mini-video games in history. We know you too have your list, but what’s your opinion about these selections?