There are countless ways you can earn money today. You don’t need to work a traditional 9-to-5 job in an office to earn a living for yourself.

In fact, there are many things you can do on the side that will earn you money. You can even make what may seem like a side hustle into a full-time, permanent and significant source of income. 

But, what is the best way you can do so? That depends a lot on your interests, skills and risk tolerance.

A great way to figure out how you can earn extra money is to read books that educate you on different ways to earn money. Here are five nerdy books that could help you earn money.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

1. Beat the Dealer

Are you good at math? Do you like to gamble and play casino games like blackjack? Then “Beat the Dealer” is a great nerdy book for you.

While casinos typically frown on counting cards, there’s nothing illegal about doing it — and you aren’t cheating if you do it, either. The author of this book, Edward Thorp, describes the point method that is considered revolutionary and has helped people win lots of money playing blackjack.

As points out, playing blackjack is much more fun when you’re winning money. And this book can help you do just that. 

In addition to giving readers a general overview of how to play blackjack, the book also details strategies that have proven to return winners. It even gives basic simple strategies you can start with before progressing to more advanced methods. 

It’s a great book that provides tables and charts to make it easier to understand.

2. Money Master the Game

Tony Robbins, the famous inspirational speaker, wrote this book to help people learn how to handle their own finances and also earn more money. The book includes interviews with famous financial gurus such as John Bogle and Warren Buffet.

If you’re looking for actionable ways that you can secure your own financial freedom, then this book is for you. It details how to set up an income plan for your life that will help you retire with comfort and ease. It also teaches you how to invest and control every financial decision you have to make without ever hesitating.

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Do you want to be the rich dad or the poor dad in the neighborhood? That’s a pretty easy answer. But, actually being rich isn’t as simple as that.

In his book, which is an autobiography of sorts, Robert Kiyosaki explains how the two people he considered father figures from his life thought very differently about money.

The author’s biological father had money problems for much of his entire life. His business mentor, though, was able to give Kiyosaki plenty of lessons about money, which helped him become as successful as he is. 

Now you, too, can be successful after reading this book.

4. How Rich People Think

If you want to be rich, you need to think the same way that rich people do. The author of the book, Steve Siebold, provides a pretty stark comparison between not only how rich people think and behave, but how the middle class does, too. This provides a nice contrast between the two classes so readers can see what differentiates rich people from everyone else.

Siebold’s book explains that it’s not just how these people approach and manage money, but how they think exactly. This is an inspirational book as much as it is an educational book. It’s meant to give nerds a new way to look at life and at finances so they can one day become millionaires like the ones Siebold interviews.

5. You’re So Money: Live Rich, Even When You’re Not

Not everyone will earn a salary that will make them rich today. However, with the right investments, the right financial approach and discipline, even not-so-rich people live like millionaires.

In this book, author Farnoosh Torabi details how ordinary everyday people who earn a modest living can still splurge, make extra money with the money they earn and have it all. 

To the author, it’s about spending within your limits, saving up and making smart decisions and purchases. And one of the best ways to live like the rich people do is to save up, invest and pay down your debt. By combining all three of these strategies into one overall approach, you can be rich, too.