Dexter is a name that used to mean a lot. It was one of the biggest shows airing on Showtime when it was on airing, but after the fourth season, quality was starting to decline. But what truly did the show in was its abysmal last season, and somehow even worse season finale. The finale was so bad in fact, that it basically killed the franchise. No one was talking about it, and the memory of the show started to fade. In fact, it was hard to even recommend it to others. 

It’s similar to the catastrophe of the Game of Thrones finale. An event that garnered such a strong and vile reaction from its fan base, that a show which was once the most popular on TV is now all but forgotten. Much like what happened to Dexter Morgan. 

Fans of the show have always wanted a do-over. While the creatives behind Dexter’s upcoming ninth season deny that this new batch of episodes is a reset of any kind, they will at least be giving the show another chance at a better ending—or continuation, who knows.

Dexter himself Michael C. Hall, new arrival Julia Jones, and other members of the creative team, attended a panel at Comic-Con @ Home recently, where they were able to talk about the upcoming season. In fact, they were even able to show off the very first trailer for the show.

It would seem that not only are Dexter’s common personal problems causing issues again, but viewers get their first glimpse at Clancy Brown’s Kru Caldwell, who is set to be the main villain of the show’s ninth season. 

That said, Dexter sure does look comfortable in his new small-town life. Now 10 years later, and going by the new name Jim Lindsay, he’s become one of everyone’s favorite people. He’s also got a great gig, being a weapons dealer in one of the town’s many shops—perfect for someone with his questionable needs.

But why tell this story now? According to Hall, he think[s] enough time has passed, and the storytelling opportunities [are] a lot more interesting… having had some time between the end and now.” Also, Hall simply wanted to explore “what the hell happened to this guy?”

As for whether or not the negative feedback to the show’s original ending played a part in bringing the show back, Hall bluntly admitted that “it was a huge part of it.” Admitting that being able to revisit the character and his story would help redefine not only the show’s ending but that “of the show’s legacy.”

Fans can watch the entire panel down below:

The Dark Passenger is finally back, and it couldn’t be more exciting. Dexter: New Blood is set to air on Showtime on November 7 at 9 p.m. ET.