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We open to Nicky and Henry researching. Nicky and Henry are sure they found the location of a dagger. One of the sacred weapons they are trying to beat Zhilan to. Across the world, Henry’s friend, who deals in the black market, steals a dagger from some pretty rough dudes.

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Nicky’s mom grills Nicky lovingly about Henry. Nicky tells her that they are just friends. Nicky’s mom gives her a knowing smile. Ryan’s hours got cut, and he finds out how bad the situation with the clinic is. Althea gets ambushed by a lawyer looking to get her to sign an NDA, so she can’t say anything to anyone about what happened with her former employer. He gives her some not so veiled threats when she turned him down. Henry and Nicky meet with the purveyor of black market goods. Nicky and Henry don’t want to tell him the whole reason they want the dagger, so he decides to sell it and lets them know that. Althea gets home to Dennis being the perfect fiance. He has a candlelit dinner ready for her and a killer smile. The dagger that Nicky and Henry are looking for went to the Reed museum. Nicky learned of a shindig at the museum, and she and Henry are going to attend.

I don’t think Henry is particularly down for it. Althea is trying to tell Ryan about schmoozing when Nicky calls. She needs Althea to get her into the Reed shindig. Henry tells Nicky that they can’t do it and why. He tries to talk sense to her. She still leaves in a huff. Once she gets home, she is visited by her Shifu. They discuss Nicky’s behavior and motivations. Ryan, Althea, and Henry do an intervention of sorts with Nicky. They are all going to help out. Henry and Nicky need to get together already.

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Nicky gets to the party, and Evan, of course, sees her right away. Next, they run into Mr. and Mrs. Shen. They all look at the Chinese art display. Mrs. Shen grills Henry a bit. Mr. Shen saves him asking Henry to take a family photo. Nicky makes sure he gets the red wine he is holding on his shirt, and they all leave to fix his shirt. I think it is cute how Henry gets nervous around the parental Shens. Mr. and Mrs. Shen are so in love, and I absolutely adore it. The plan is in play. I think the other team is here too.

Does Nicky get the dagger? Who gets caught? Mrs. Shen already worries about Henry’s past. Even dressed to the 9s, Nicky can fight. I still think there is too much going on. Four storylines are a lot to keep track of, and not get frustrated with the lack of detail. Let me know your thoughts below. Until next week…

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