Janine starts freaking out and June has to step up to the plate and fend for both of them. Because Aunty Lydia, properly broke Janine. But she lost the handmaids AGAIN. This time 5 out of the 7 are dead. There have got to be some pretty steep repercussions for that. I wonder if Aunty is bound for the wall she so loves to talk about. But that is just speculation on my part. But you see how happy they were with her before, this can’t be looking too good for her case.

June decides a milk train cart will be the best way to escape. And it’s full of milk, which would be fine but it’s cold milk at that. And the train is about to get moving, which means the liquid inside is going to move as well and there is nothing to hand on too. Is it just me or are you thinking of how that will smell after it dries? Anyways, June finds a drain and drains all the milk out and they ride until the train stops.

Did I forget about Serena Joy? Yeah, I did. Who cares, she’s annoying and I cannot feel sorry for her. But she is in jail and she is knocked up. She had made a request to see her old Martha, Rita. But what is the reason? She wants to share her big news. Serena is beaming, but that does not negate her actions. But Rita makes a statement, she said she thought the commander was sterile. And so he is. But Rita looks uncomfortable with the news. And Serena switches into gear. Is this baby not Fred’s? They have her cell with a picture window and it’s snowing outside while they are talking, but I can’t help but feel like there is something sinister in her actions.

What will June and Janine do now? As they ride in the milk train, we take a trip into Janine’s past.

Rita gets a knock at her door after her visit with Serena and it comes as a shock to Rita who realizes she is just being used. Rita is a little hurt and pissed and it just goes to show how these Gilead folks really think of people, and her. So Rita makes an unexpected move and visits Fred. Suddenly, they all seem to have forgotten the abhorrent treatment of women in Gilead. But Rita is dropping bombs on this day. She reveals Serena’s pregnancy and basically tells them to kick rocks. She walks out as Fred looks at the sonogram photo of his son. And his world crumbles. Rita ain’t helping them anymore. Yall, Rita is living her best life. But there is a sadness in her, I hope she finds her sister and nephew.

The gods must be in their favor because they have had a bit of luck. The train they were on is hijacked by some rogue free humans. Hearing shouting and gunshots after an abrupt stop, they make their presence known. But are these people allies or enemies. Too soon to tell but they aren’t killing them. And they are offering a little bit of help. No other choice really. But we do get to take a look at the regular world, outside of Gilead and it’s like the apocalypse happened. They arrive at a house and are at the mercy of their new captors. Ok not really captives.

Realizing that they can’t stay with their newfound friends unless they give a little something in return. But June has problems going through with it so Janine handles it for her. Some realizations hit very hard, and they are really on their own and having to depend on the kindness of strangers. Although Janine seems to adapt pretty well, it is just the waiting game right now. While they’re waiting June can see that Janine is getting close with Steven. He’s the guy running the whole operation.

Aunty got a demotion. She is not in charge of handmaids any longer. She is not happy about that at all. But she has been retired. Now, she feels betrayed by a man once more. Except for this time the betrayer is Gilead. Bitterness and determination set in and she kicks up the speed on her treadmill. Some retaliation may be forthcoming. Gilead is having other issues in addition to the missing handmaids. But the war is the most important even though Gilead is suffering. But Aunt Lydia has gotten her job back using a little blackmail and corruption. She is back in charge of handmaids thanks to Commander Lawrence. And Commander Lawrence and Commander Blaine seemed to have entered into a partnership.