He’s Baaaack!

This week saw the return of Grodd in a big way.

Grodd kidnaps Caitlin and takes her to his “lair”. As soon as this happened, I was almost prepared to class this as a King Kong remake and stop paying attention. Gorilla is lonely, kidnaps pretty girl, etc. But when Grodd began asking questions about his origins, I knew there was more to this plot.

Grodd is lonely, yes, but he wants to make himself some Gorilla-freak companions. Caitlin understands him and exercises a lot of compassion considering Grodd just kidnapped her.

With Barry’s legs still not cooperating, Cisco and E2 Harry take control of the situation and present themselves as this week’s heroes. Harrison dresses up as the Reverse Flash to masquerade as Grodd’s dad, theoretically gaining power over him. Wells is awkward, though, and too gentle, Grodd sees through it, yet they still manage to save Cait.

Due to his physical injuries, Barry was more or less on a timeout this week. Our hero is still reeling from his encounter with Zoom, which has left his self-esteem all but destroyed. Not only does Barry believe that Central City has no faith in him, after being paraded around by Zoom like a bloody dummy, Barry has lost faith in his own ability to save the day. This is an amazing angle the writers have chosen to play up with Barry; his lack of self-confidence brings the godlike hero down to a human level. He’s believable.

Barry proves even more believable when Iris calls Henry in to help Barry get through it. It turns out Henry has been taking some time to himself, fishing and camping and learning to live outside prison walls. He essentially talks Barry up, to the point he regains some faith in himself. Henry leaves at the end, establishing his role as the disappearing mentor; always there when you need him, but only when you need him.

Cicso finally gets his date with Kendra Saunders, off whom he keeps vibing bird-girl images. Yep, definitely a good segway into her role as Hawkgirl in Legends of Tomorrow.