I have to admit I was a little hesitant on seeing The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It, the third installment of the Conjuring series when I heard James Wan was not going to be the one directing. He did help to produce and write the movie, so not all hope was lost. I was still skeptical, because visually it seemed to have a different feeling, based on the trailers. I ended up being pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. 

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First off, there is no denying the chemistry between Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson (and my huge crush on him). Their portrayal as Ed and Lorraine Warren is other worldly good. Even without knowing their story is based on a real life couple, it is so easy to fall in love with their love. Anyone who is a hopeless romantic like me is guaranteed to root for them. They do such an incredible job as the Warrens, it is almost as if they are the real deal couple. These two are sensational together and that cannot be ignored. 

Their life in the movie is taking place four years after the events of the Conjuring 2, just as drama and evil spirit filled. Though this time around the evil spirts effect Ed and Lorraine’s lives in ways they can’t imagine. *Slight Spoiler Warning!* This evil spirit they are dealing with cause Ed health problems that has lasting effects throughout the movie. This element added a bit of drama as we are left unsure if he will be able to actually help as he normally does. And of course there are a few “will he rescue Lorraine in time” moments, like any good horror movie. 

Secondly, the movie deviated from the haunted house theme to more of a mystery themed movie. You are on a journey with the Warrens to uncover the truth and stop a real life villain.  

This transition felt like a set up for even more in the future, especially with how it ended. There were still scares and jumps, but it definitely wasn’t as scary as the first two movies, which I didn’t mind. Especially since there are a few pretty intense exorcism scenes in the movie that balance out the more subdue portions of the film. 

The were a few tiny down sides for me with this movie. One, I thought the possession by demon portrayal was a bit cliche and over done. Two, I left wishing it could have had a slightly more scary vibe to it to be truly horror-like. Even this wasn’t a major downside for me; I was there for Patrick Wilson and the Warren love story because it has always been done so well and compelling. 

The cinematography was also a huge plus for me. There were a lot of shots that were visually beautiful and composed really well. The visual appeal to the movies didn’t change with a different director, which was nice. 

Overall I really enjoyed the movie! I even watched it a second time! This movie has it all; drama, love, demons, mysteries, and stars. John Noble‘s portrayal as Kastner was a great surprise. I was not aware he would be in this movie and enjoyed seeing him pop up on the screen.

I am excited to see if they make further installments of this series and will definitely see anything related to this series if they continue putting this quality out.