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Molly, born Margaret Katherine Amanda Carpenter, is Harry’s Grasshopper. She is the daughter of Michael (one of Harry’s best friends) and Charity Carpenter. Today she is the Winter Lady and Harry’s boss. As a teen, she tried out a few looks including goth and rave. Now she very formal with Sidhe white hair. She was born a wizard, a trait she inherited from her mother. Now, as pointed out that she is the Winter Lady, she is fairie. Her magic is veils, verisimilomancy, psychomancy, and neuromancy.

Molly loves her mother, father, and sibling fiercely. She grew up in a loving home with strict rules that are guided but Catholic values and forgiveness. As a teenager, Molly rebelled against those rules. She dressed in goth clothes when out of the house and did drugs. When she started manifesting powers the only person Michael and Charity trusted with guiding Molly in learning to use and control her power was Harry. Later Molly was arrested for drugs. This caused a blowup with Charity resulting in Molly’s dropping out of school and leaving the house. They have since made up but another rift is forming because Molly hasn’t been open about becoming the Winter Lady.

At one point Molly was under the Doom of Damocles for mental manipulation. Mental manipulation is forbidden by the White Council. Harry did for Molly what Ebenezer McCoy did for Harry. He agreed to be her mentor. Formally. Molly goes back home, cleans up, and grows up while still retaining her spirit. You would have thought she would learn to cook with Charity as her mother. Nope. The same with me and my girls.

While Harry is great at forceful and combative magic, Molly is stellar at fine magics like veils and illusions. I think it’s these differences that give Molly the idea that she isn’t as good or powerful as Harry. After learning under the Leanansidhe, she now knows how to shield, is better at illusions and getting her enemies to kill each other. My favorite illusion spell of hers is the One woman rave show.

Molly loves Harry as intensely as she does her own family though she wants it to be more. She loves Maggie, Harry’s daughter, too. They are most definitely as much her family as her mom and dad. She even assisted Harry with suicide so he could escape Mab. So far Harry has not succumbed to it.

Molly is a hell of a girl. Though she is stubborn, she is strong, sometimes in quiet ways and others in very loud ways. She is loving with a good heart. She struggles to keep her humanity despite being the Winter Lady. With Harry being the Winter Knight, they help keep each other grounded. I love Molly. I think besides the obvious Harry, she is one of my favorite characters. Thomas, Bob, and Mouse being my others. What do you think of Molly? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…