So sorry I did not put up a review for episode 3 last week. Honestly it was kind of a forgettable episode and I was having a hard time remembering what happened. The one key revelation was finding out that Kate’s stepmother, Catherine,


Catherine trying to cover her a** (from the CW)


had paid off the coroner’s office to tell Commander Kane that deer bone fragments were skull fragments from his daughter Kate. As she explained it, it was her way of trying to ease the pain and stop them from obsessing over her disappearance. Other than that, the episode fell into the typical Arrowverse trap of bringing in a villain of the week and introducing a love interest that was doomed to failed, due to the dueling life of a vigilante and alter ego.


Episode 5 was much better. Kate only wears the Batwoman costume for about 5 minutes in a scene where she destroys Alice’s goons in hand to hand combat. Even with the director’s choice of having the fight take place mostly in a darkened room, I still enjoyed the fight choreography, that remains a strong feature of this show. Leading into the fight Lucas states, “Batman doesn’t do goggles,” when Kate asks about night vision goggles.


Batman “doing” goggles. (Warner Brothers Films)

I believe this is a bit of a slight directed at Zack Synder’s goggle wearing Batman from Justice League.

The remained of the episode becomes an origin story for Alice and her new partner. The story is told between flashbacks and dialogue between Alice and Kate. Alice reveals that she was pulled out of the water by a strange man and his son. The Cartwrights apparently lived isolated lives as due to an unexplained accident, Johnny aka “Mouse”, has some scarring on his face that made him the victim of bullying and ridicule from other children. His father decides to hide, keep Beth so that she can be Mouse’s friend, because “Socialization is important.”

We learn that Mouse has an uncanny ability to mimic any voice he hears, which later comes in handy as he fools Commander Kane and dooms Beth into her ultimate fate. I’m still interested to see if it was simply the trauma of the isolation and fear that drove her to becoming Alice or if there was additional traumas that caused her mental break.

Johnny a gender bent version of the Batman villain Jane Doe. She has the ability to shape shift and mimic people that she touches and believes that she has some horrible dis-figuration. Johnny’s shape-shifting appears to be more practical as Alice presents him with skin she removed from the thighs of cadavers from the morgue, which apparently he uses to shape into the facial features of others.