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It’s never too late to go Classic. In fact, now is a really good time to get started on your journey in old-school Azeroth. So, which Classic WoW class should you take in your first foray in the vanilla WoW version of this genre-defining MMO? If you can’t decide, here’s a helpful guide that’s free of any WoW Classic gold charges.

Getting Physical WoW Classic Class

Let’s begin with the physical WoW Classic classes. First off is the Paladin, an Alliance-exclusive class. Knights that have a strong affinity towards the divine, they can fulfill three roles: tanks, healers, and DPS. They pretty much have the role trinity covered, so it’s then up to you whether you’ll go for Holy (healing), Protection (tanking), and Retribution (DPS). Can you say “Leeroy Jenkins?”

If you’re not into being a goody two-shoes WoW Classic class or the goody-two-shoes Alliance, then the Warrior is for you. Unlike the Paladin, it cannot fulfill a healer role. Instead, it has one specialization dedicated to tanking (Protection), and two for DPS: Arms Master, which is all about strong and precise attacks, and Fury, which is all about the mastery of Rage and its usage in powerful attacks.

The last one for the purely melee classes is the Rogue. Relying on craftiness and stealth instead of going toe-to-toe makes enemies hold tighter on to their WoW Classic gold. Their three specializations are Assassination, which is all about dealing huge damage with the dagger; Outlaw, which is centered on facing foes with guile and sometimes the use of a gun; and Subtlety, whose bread and butter are deadly moves the enemy won’t see coming. 

Finally, there’s the Hunter, the only ranged physical class. Their craft is all about being in tune with nature, so it’s no surprise that two of its specialties are Beast Mastery, improving your command over pets, and Survival, which makes you better in getting through sticky situations and using WoW Classic items such as traps. Last is Marksmanship, which grants you better handling and damage using ranged weaponry.

A World Full of Magic

Now onto magic WoW Classic classes. First off is the mage, the quintessential damage-dealing magic class. It’s up to you whether you prefer the heavy-hitting Fire specialty, or Frost, which balances damaging enemies and slowing them down. If you’re up to it, the powerful but non-elemental Arcane specialty is also an option.

As for the premier healer class in World of Warcraft, there’s nothing like the Priest. However, they’re more than just support, as their two specialties, Discipline and Shadow, can deal quite the damage. However, the former balances damage with supportive skills, while the latter is all about hurting enemies with the dark arts. Last but definitely not least is Holy, which is the game’s core healer specialty.

Unlike Mages and Priests, Shamans don’t exactly have the same level of sophistication. But these Horde-exclusive spellcasters more than make up for it with their versatility. The Elemental specialty is pretty much self-explanatory, the Enhancement is an interesting magic-melee hybrid, and Restoration is a highly versatile healer class.

Want a well-rounded magic class that isn’t the Shaman? Then the Druid is for you. However, to be one, you have to either be a Night Elf or a Tauren. The WoW Classic class is even more versatile than the Shaman, as it has four specializations: Balance, which can deal damage as well as provide support; Feral, where you become a powerful cat warrior; Guardian, which you assume bear form suitable for tanking, and the self-explanatory Restoration.

The last of the spellcaster Classic WoW classes is Warlock. Unlike Shamans and Mages, they don’t deal elemental damage. Also, unlike the druid, their magic is based on the dark arts. Their specializations are Affliction, which is focused on dealing damage over time; Destruction, the more straightforward nuker; and Demonology, which is all about summoning demons or sacrificing them for even greater power.

Because of how diverse WoW Classic’s classes are, it’s not easy to choose which one to dip your toes into Azeroth with. So hopefully, with this simple guide, we managed to clear that confusion, even just for a little. Keep playing to earn tons of WoW Classic gold!