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I’m off to my support bubble again on Friday afternoon, so I have only watched up to Thursday. Actually, technically I have only watched Tuesday to Thursday because I’d already written about Monday’s episode last Friday because I managed to sneak in and watch it on My5 before they took it down. I’m sure I’ll still find enough to talk about though.

Karl Doubts Himself

After Olivia’s allegation that Karl pushed her down the stairs, he confronts her not once, but twice in the hospital. For a seemingly intelligent man, he is being pretty thick, because even the dumbest of people would be able to see how yelling at the woman who has accused you of trying to kill her, as she lays in a hospital bed, is probably not the best look. After his second outburst, he begins to doubt himself. Olivia is either really committing to her lie, or she truly believes that Karl pushed her, and after their altercation, Karl starts to wonder if he somehow scared her down the stairs. After going along with the lie that Hendrix told about why Karl was at the school in the first place, things are not looking good for him. I feel a bit sorry for Levi in all of this, because all of the Kennedy family, including his girlfriend, seem to think he can “do something” to make the charges go away because he knows that, deep down, Karl is a nice guy. That’s not how policing is supposed to work, guys…

Emmett is Back

Emmett turns up at Aaron and David’s in a state because his aunt Linda is trying to make him move to New Zealand against his wishes, which leads to Aaron and David desperately trying to get the foster agency to agree to let Emmett stay with them. My favourite part of this whole storyline is how quickly they got on board with Nicolette moving out in order to facilitate this. She has a criminal record and the agency won’t approve Emmett and her living in the same house, so she offers to move out for a while, and Aaron and David can’t shovel her off out of the house fast enough. So what if she’s pregnant with their child? Off she goes to number 24. How do they envisage this whole situation working long term? I know they are going to be the baby’s primary caregivers, but are they planning on Emmett living with them and the baby permanently, while Nicolette has to live across the street, or even further away?

My second favourite thing to occur in the Brennan/Tanaka household last week was the very blatant advertising spot. “Alexa, say product placement.”

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Nicolette and Chloe Get Closer

The upshot of Nicolette moving out is that she moves in with Chloe, in order to speed up the inevitable romance that is sure to happen between the two of them and make the family dynamic even more complicated. Chloe is going to end up being her niece or nephew’s mum’s, girlfriend. Is there a name for what family relationship that is? Chloe confesses to Aaron that she’s developing feelings for Nicolette and it sends him all into a flap, which is odd because he already knew there was a considerable amount of sexual tension between the two of them, so popping them in a house together was unlikely to end with the two of them just watching TV and eating chocolates together. Aaron’s having a bit of a week, isn’t he?

We can all see where this is going. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Bad Boy Brent

I don’t like Brent. He looks like he needs to eat some vegetables and get some daylight and all the clothes he wears are entirely contained within the brown/khaki spectrum. Exactly how many baggy brown T-shirts can one kid own? Anyway, he’s got some sort of lame-looking ring which is obviously a gang symbol and is exactly like the one that was found at the scene of Roxy’s attack. Or maybe it is that one. I can’t remember because I have zero interest in Brent. Harlow is still determined to turn him into a good guy, so when she finds out he’s involved in a gang, and about to do something illegal, she’s going to be very disappointed, and Paul is possibly going to be the smuggest person in the history of humankind. Terese better practices her death glares, because he’s going to be truly unbearable.

Pru is a Pigeon Now

So, it was weird enough when it was just Gary that had been reincarnated as a pigeon, but now Pru is one as well. The Cannings have a memorial at the tram for Gary, since it’s a year ago that Finn fired a crossbow into his back, and they invite Harlow to come along and remember Pru as well. Actually, they should have invited Susan along so she could manifest Finn and let him commemorate the date too. While they’re sharing stories about how Pru used to go to some entirely ludicrous-sounding place called Madam Minerva’s Piano Bar, or something equally stupid, a lady pigeon arrives and Sheila decides it must be Pru, so now we have two humans reincarnated as pigeons in Erinsborough. I never thought there’d even been one of those, let alone two.

More Racism Allegations

Again, I have to end on a sour note, because yet more allegations have been made about racism on the set of Neighbours. Sharon Johal, who played Dipi and has just left the show, has said that she too suffered racist abuse by cast members on the set of Neighbours, including being referred to as, “the black one”, and, “you people”, as well as it is stated that certain actors only got their roles in order to tick diversity quotas. I’m beyond disappointed by all this, it’s absolutely horrible. This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and the people involved should receive some training and be properly disciplined at the very least. You cannot use the slogan, “Everyone is welcome on Ramsay Street” and then tolerate these kinds of actions from cast members. This needs to be dealt with.