What’s good everybody, welcome to another Overwatch Tips! We will be going over the muscle-bound protection queen, Zarya! A very high skill hero that can absolutely change the tide of a game. Along side her ultimate that is arguably one of the best in the game. But how are you going to take advantage of such a powerful hero? Let’s find out.

How to save a life

Zarya’s protective bubbles are such an amazing asset to have on your team. There is no tell of when they will be put out onto teammates or Zarya herself. So you job as playing Zarya is to dish out bubbles effectively when your teammates are in trouble. If you see your healer get hooked by Roadhog and you have a bubble to spare it should be first instinct to give it to them. You can even use your own bubble to block damage from teammates behind you if you are close enough and time it right! Zarya is all about second chances in battle.

Keeping a high charge

A good method of getting your charge higher as Zarya is to bubble a lot of the tanks that are in the frontlines taking all the damages to the shields, and also using it on those initiating heroes that are poking at the other teams defenses. And to maintain that charge you should focus on trying to block damage with your personal bubble and keeping your other bubble in your pocket in case of a sudden shift in momentum.

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment


This ultimate defines Zarya as a hero. But you need to actually utilize it correctly to get its full effect. Having another teammates ultimate on stand-by to pair with yours is a neat essential tactic. But also you need to be very careful of heroes like D.VA who can eat your Graviton and Genji who can reflect it right back at you. Without taking the proper measures to make sure your ultimate actually lands will create some unwanted havoc for you and your team.


Like stated above you will really need to be on the lookout for D.VA and Genji when you ult with Zarya, but when it’s simply a 1v1 battle, you mostly have the advantage being able to shoot through defense matrix and Genji’s reflect. What you should be afraid of is ranged heroes. Heroes like Hanzo, Widowmaker, and Pharah will keep their distance from the enemy team and will have shots waiting for you when your shield runs out. And your gun will not be able to reach them most likely. But taking their attention away from the rest of the team is the best way to secure the victory.

Zarya is another great off-tank that can create the big plays. Keep practicing and you will become a very valuable asset to your squad. We’ll see you guys in the next one.