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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is huge. With three phases and a fourth in the works that span twenty-three movies to date, the MCU has had a massive impact in the movie world. I’m a DC fan so when the DCU started gaining movies, I was stoked. The first release of the Justice League movie had me all twitterpated. Though between you and me, I have been more excited about the Wonder Woman movies, she was in Justice League so I was happy. I, unfortunately, was late to the party. I only just watch the Zack Snyder version. Worry not I have seen both versions.

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I am not going to do a blow-by-blow review. I want to talk about what they did differently and right. When I first sat down to watch the Snyder version I was expecting to see a completely different movie. I thought the plot was going to be different. I was so happy to see the original release in there too. Character development was much better in Snyder’s version. I got to understand Cyborg much better. Since Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Aquaman all had their own movies not as much back story was needed. I still wanted to know more about the Flash but I am OK with what I got. I like that the Flash wasn’t such a scary cat in Snyder’s version.

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The battle part between The Gods, Amazons, Atlantians, and Humans against Steppenwolf was much better. In fact, all the battles were better. More time and care was given to Superman’s resurrection which I appreciated. When scared in this version, the Flash showed more courage than the first. I am really glad they kept him a klutz though.

What was your opinion about the movie? Which version did you like better? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…