When I was perusing on Kickstarter, I stumbled upon a game like none I had ever seen before. It was a delicate mix of Little Big Planet and Where the Wild Things Are. Full of color and child-like wonder. I instantly fell in love, and I hope you do too. Welcome to the world of OddFauna!

Source: OddFauna Press Kit

The Plot

OddFauna: Secret of the Terrabeast follows a sandbox open-world format. Players play as Astor, a unique OddFauna, whose biological need is to form a relationship with the Terrabeast and find the infamous Terraseed. A Terrabeast is a large creature with several different biomes stretching across their back, and conveniently enough, where the Astor has made their home. Players can farm various unique plants, create a shelter, craft tools, terraform, and ultimately, survive the elements. The main goal? Whatever you want it to be! Keep your Terrabeast healthy, and watch your land expand with each passing season. Cause a little mischief, find the Terraseed. The world is yours to explore and do with as you see fit.

Source: OddFauna Press Kit


OddFauna is adorable and memorable in its own right. However, one thing sets this game apart from the rest, and that has to do with the creators Emma and Cliff. This dynamic duo is a married couple who have been working on OddFauna for a few years now. Emma sculpts the characters out of clay and hand paints each one. Cliff then photo scans the sculptures and places them in the digital world they have created. This attention to detail and passion for their product is highly evident and one of the many reasons OddFauna is on my Steam Wishlist.

Odds and Ends

Overall, I am excited to explore OddFauna upon release. According to Steam, players can anticipate a quarter one release date in 2022. As of now, players will have access to the game via PC.