Although Lost Ark has been in the market for quite some time now, the game recently debuted in the English market. Gamers are excited as there are many things to do in the game aside from the main storyline quests.

Developers have added a lot of endgame content to keep their spirits high for pro players who will complete the game and hit the level cap in a few days. This article features a complete Lost Ark endgame guide, but first, we need to learn about the Tower in lost Ark?

What is Tower in Lost Ark?

The Tower is a player-vs-environment game mode in Lost Ark that allows players to progress to different tower levels by completing specific objectives. This is a single-player-oriented mode so that you can complete these objectives without the help of your friends. The task’s difficulty will increase as you progress through tower levels, but the better reward for each tower level will motivate you to keep going till you reach the top. 

In most cases, you have to kill a specific number of enemies, which can be difficult, especially if you go with the wrong weapons. There are two versions of Tower in Lost Ark, including Shadespire and Fatespire. There are 50 floors of each Tower, with the ground floor being the easiest and the top floor being the most difficult. 

How to Unlock Tower in Lost Ark?

The first requirement to unlock the Shadespire tower in Lost Ark is to level up your character to level 50 with a collective item of 302. You have the option to complete Main quests in Shushire or take on Chaos dungeons for meeting the collective item level requirement. Complete the Gear Honing Guide quest and the Public Announcement Tower quest to unlock the Tower. 

Things change for Fatespire tower as the collective item level increase to 802 and the certificate of completion of The Final Report quest. The entry to each Tower is free, so you don’t have to worry about in-game currency when you take on the Tower. 

Location of Tower

The Tower is located in all the major cities in Lost Ark, and you can indicate a tower from the map with the tower symbol. If you are facing a hard time finding the Tower, type Tower on the search to search for them on the map. Entre a Tower by clicking on it to view an interface that lets you select the desired floor of the Tower. 

Limitations of Tower

The Tower features extremely engaging and enjoyable content, but there are still limitations that you have to follow even after meeting all the requirements to unlock them. 

  • Players can’t drink any health or experience points potion during Tower
  • Players can’t change their weapon, skill, or other battle items as they affect the collective item level.  

Even if you unlock the Tower, there are requirements of gear score that you need to meet after every five levels. The gear score requirement for floor 1 is 302, and it goes all the way to 540 for floor number 50, which is a pretty big margin.  

Progress of Tower

At the beginning of each Tower, you start at the bottom level and clear your way up to the top by slaying bosses and other enemies from the dark world. You can’t skip any floor, so you have to go floor by a floor which can take quite some time. There is no limit on how many attempts you make to clear a tower level, and all the attempts are free.  

Tips to Win Every Tower Fight 

As you may already know, tower fights are all about managing your position based on enemy attacks. You should test each tower level with different skill sets and weapons to pick the best equipment to ensure your win. With extensive testing, you will be able to predict moves and attacks of enemy bosses to dodge them. 

If you are stuck on a floor even after using all the strategies, buy lost ark gold from MMOpixel to get some high-level weapons and consumables for your next tower attack attempt. Floor 48 is one of the most difficult tower floors in Lost Ark, and you can’t defeat enemies on this floor without grenades. The best strategy is to defeat the main boss as soon as possible because more enemies will appear if you take too long.    

Go with two different grenades for better results and kill the assassin mini-boss at the start of the level to avoid difficulty later. Grenades take some time to cool, which gives your enemies a chance to deal some damage, but scarecrow and stealth robe will keep you alive.  

Rewards of Tower 

Towers reward players with skill point potions that they can use to level up their skill tree to the max. Other rewards of the Tower campaign include experience point cards and engraving books that are valuable for money given the nature of the task. 

The main reward of clearing each tower floor will be given to the character you used in your first tower journey. You can attempt to clear a tower floor with a different character but only receive upgrade materials. Most players complete a floor with their secondary character for the first time and use the main character later to get upgrade materials. 

You will get a potion after clearing floor number 40, which can increase your character’s stats. The skill point potion is rewarded after completing the 50th floor. After the first attempt, all the remaining rewards are weapon and armor honing materials such as fragments, harmony leap stones, and harmony shards.   Conclusion Now that you know everything about Tower and its rewards, requirements, and locations. It is time for you to set on your journey through the wonderful world of Lost Ark and defeat tower bosses and each level to get their hidden treasure.