*Spoiler warning for iZombie season 5, episode 13.

Liv and Major on iZombie

Major and Liv have an intimate conversation about their past on the penultimate episode of iZombie.

This episode is the penultimate episode of iZombie, and I can’t believe it’s almost over. It really feels like it’s almost the end of the series though. Things really ramp up this episode, the shit hits the fan, and war breaks out. It’s time for everyone’s final moves, and there are quite a few moves to be made. No homicide case to get through this episode, there’s too much else going on.

We’ve been basically counting on the CDC mass-producing the cure, but this episode, Charlie informs Ravi that the head of the project at the CDC has hijacked it, and instead of distributing the cure, has decided to create a chronic-treatment for zombies, so that he makes more money. This cure is basically Seattle’s only hope, so Liv and Ravi decide to sneak out of Seattle, break into the CDC and steal the formula for the tainted Utopium so that they can produce the cure themselves.

To make this happen, they have to [insert your favorite Ocean’s movie here] the situation. They gather the brains of pickpockets, Russian hackers, and acrobats to acquire the skills needed to pull off a major heist. Major also provides them with the gadgets they need. At the last minute, Clive decides to go with them, because he can’t bear the idea of them going off and never coming back. He needs to be there to help. Thanks to some snooping on Charlie’s part, the team knows what they need to do to get into the vault holding the formula.

One of my favorite parts of the episode? Major and Liv having an intimate conversation about their past while digging up some dead bodies for their brains. They talk about how they started out as humans engaged to each other, became actual badasses, and how Major has total faith that Liv is going to pull this off. Then they kiss. I’ve always felt like Major and Liv are meant for each other, like they will always find their way back to each other, and maybe this is proof of that. Speaking of couples, Liv leaves Peyton behind to look after the kids staying at her house, and as Peyton is saying goodbye, she tells Liv that she’s probably going to marry Ravi. Ravi hears this just as he comes down the stairs, so that’s a sweet moment.

Right after they leave is when the problems start. The CHICS and Dead Enders use military grade weapons provided them by General Mills to start violence at a memorial service being held in honor of Sloane Mills’ death. Riots break out in the streets by both zombies and humans. Major sends his soldiers out to patrol the streets and keep the peace. While he and his men are on their way however, they’re blown up by radical humans with automatic weapons. A shoot-out ensues, but they’re “saved” when Enzo and his guys pull up and surround the humans. The humans are captured and both groups of zombies aim weapons at each other.

Enzo convinces Major’s men to abandon Major, and join him instead to fight for zombie-kind. As much as I think Major has done in admirable job in an impossible position, he never really managed to inspire most of his soldiers, so when push comes to shove, they leave him. Major manages to escape, but he’s now without a para-military group at his command.

The other major problem is Blaine. A photo is uncovered of Ravi helping Blaine’s Freylich kids to escape. Blaine and Don E. plan to follow Ravi until he leads them back to the missing kids, but when they can’t find him (cause he left the city) they decide to follow Peyton instead. Since Peyton’s been looking after the kids, she leads them right where they want to go. Blaine and Don E. bust in and declare that they’re taking the kids. Don E. for his part is amazed at the secret passage way through a closet, providing some much needed comic relief, and reminding me why Don E. is still my favorite bad guy. Peyton begs Blaine not to take the kids, but he kills the other guy there looking after the kids, and tells Peyton that he’s a bad guy, and he’s taking the kids. He doesn’t kill Peyton, since I guess he still kind of cares about her.

This is the last we see of this situation. We’re just going to have to wait until the final episode to see how it all works out. My predictions are that somehow Don E. is going to find out what Blaine did to his bride, and that Blaine is going to wind up dead (it’s a toss up on Don E. or Peyton who murders him). After everything he’s done, there is no way Blaine is surviving this show.

Back to the heist. Clive and Liv attend a party with Liv on pickpocket brain in order to steal the key-card of one of the CDC employees. Between Clive’s flirting and Liv’s stealing, they manage to get the key-card to Ravi who’s on surly Russian hacker brain. Ravi takes it to the woman’s office and manages to do fudge some of the normal security protocols so that they can get into the facility the next day. Liv slips the key-card back in the woman’s purse, and everything works out.

The next day, between fooling a racist security guard and Liv and Ravi on acrobat/ninja brains, they manage to get through various security checkpoints and get into the lab with the vault. The last step is getting into the vault, which they need the top guy to do. They call and report a break-in. He arrives to make sure everything is ok, and they pull a gun on him while drugging his security guards to get him to open the vault. He tries to get Ravi to join him, talking of the money to be made, at which point Ravi rages out and beats him up.

With the flash-drive with the tainted Utopium formula in hand, the group prepares to sneak back out of the facility. They call Major and tell him of their success, and that all they need now is the Max Rager locked up in the Filmore Graves warehouses. That would normally be no problem, except that Enzo has taken over Filmore Graves, and Major is stuck on the run. He tells them that he’ll get it for them though, and I believe that he will.

Lastly, when Enzo takes control of Filmore Graves, he makes a televised broadcast. He films two of the humans they captured, and has one get scratched by one of their Romero-zombies. Getting scratched by a Romero immediately turns the him into a Romero himself, and he attacks his friend to eat his brains. Enzo tells the world that while DC may have the nuclear option, Filmore Graves now has a nuclear option of its own (i.e. releasing all the Romero-zombies on the population).

A couple of details: apparently Michelle had her baby, and the father is not Clive, but a dead-beat who she had a one-night stand with – this storyline kind of fell by the wayside this season, but it was never my favorite anyway. Don E. is super depressed about Darcy’s death.

This was an amazing episode. The show is really keeping the plot going full-speed right up to the very end. Not a lot of shows can manage to make that happen. A lot of them run out of story and have start using filler or veering into unplanned storylines that audiences don’t like (ahem Game of Thrones). What iZombie has created here is truly a masterpiece I hope everyone is watching.