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Merry has been through Hades at the hands of the Sidhe. It didn’t matter which court. Being offered the crown to the Unseelie throne meant a possible return home. Merry both dreaded it and wanted it. She was hoping Galen still wanted her. She hoped for enough power to survive. Her father, Prince Essus, taught her how to survive at Court. The Goddess and God are alive in Faerie once more and are using her. Many of the Sidhe do not believe that they would use a mutt, nor will they accept it. Despite everything, Merry finds her kings.

Doyle, once the Queen’s Darkness, he is now irrevocably Merry’s. He was the captain of the Queen’s guards. His livery is a spider and wears silver jewelry against pitch-black skin. Even though Doyle’s hair is down to his ankles, he often appears to have short hair thanks to his tight braid. He has black eyes and pointy ears. The ears always rubbed Queen Andias the wrong way. She says it shows the weakening of the Sidhe blood. Doyle doesn’t like modern transportation. It has too much metal for his comfort. Merry and Doyle were crowned Queen and King of the Unseelie Sidhe but gave up the crown to save Frost. Doyle can bespell you with his eyes, communicate and travel through mirrors, heal you by licking you, and wrap himself in shadows and disappear. Doyle can also kill you or any immortal with a green flame he can call, shift into a hound of the hunt as well as an eagle, and last but not least, he can remove a spell, add his own magic to return the spell, and follow said spell back to the caster. He is one scary man, yet so gentle and loving with Merry and the family they have created. He and Frost are Alastair’s fathers.

Frost was never born but created from hoarfrost by a human girl named Rose. Her love brought Frost to us. He is the original Jack Frost. His hair, like Doyle’s, is to his ankles but is metallic silver. Merry says it’s like the tinsel you put on a Christmas tree but soft. He has grey eyes and is achingly handsome. He is arrogant, but as Merry well knows, it hides his uncertainty. Frost was, however, Queen Andias’s consort over eight hundred years ago. Before that, he was part of the Seelie Court. When Taranis wanted to kill a human girl for accidentally spilling soup on his hand, Frost intervened. He was thrown out of the Seelie Court for it. Frost and Doyle are best friends for hundreds of years and they are the fathers of Alastair.

Galen is a very likable guy. Like scary likable, almost magically. Oh, wait that’s because it’s one of his powers. Galen is the youngest of the Queen’s Ravens at around one hundred years old. Within the Sidhe, the fact that Galen is only seventy years older than Merry is the same as being raised together. Galen was Merry’s, first love. Galen and Merry had hoped Prince Essus, Merry’s father, would choose Galen as Merry’s consort. Prince Essus did not. Prince Cel tried to have Galen’s fun bits rendered useless. Fortunately, Galen recovered and now is one of Wynne’s fathers.

Rhys is a hoot. He loves film noir and detectives from the 40s. Rhys fully embraces modern times. He has an apartment outside the sithen. Merry and Rhys are friends and would hang out before she went into hiding. Rhys is the death God, Cromm Cruach. In the last weirding, he lost much of who he once was and took a different name to forget. Rhys is the shortest of the Queen’s Ravens. At 5’6” he is taller than me. He has white, curly hair that falls to his waist. He has a single tri-blue eye. The other was lost when he was given to the goblins as punishment for a night. He had no knowledge of goblin customs so he didn’t know he could negotiate. Rhys is one of Wynne’s fathers.

Sholto is a king in his own right. Sholto is the King of the Slaugh. Merry was crowned Queen to his King by Faerie. It is a court of the Unseelie Sidhe. He is also one of the Queen’s Ravens. He was raised by a night hag named Black Agnes. Sholto has blonde knee-length hair and eyes that are a tri-colored gold. He is tall, handsome, and again arrogant. Sholto also has a nest of night flyer tentacles on his lower abdomen. Merry’s magic made it so that he could call them forth or put them away at will. He has strong glamour magic and can travel through in-between places. Sholto is one of Tegan Rose’s fathers.

Mistral is a God of storms. Once a part of the Seelie Sidhe, he is now a part of the Unseelie court. Queen Andias hates him. Though when Doyle left the Queen’s side to join Merry, Mistral took Doyle’s position as captain of the Ravens. You can see storms swirl in his eyes. Mistral can bring a storm out of nowhere and they are very affected by his mood. Mistral can throw lightning from his hands. Lightning used to be Taranis’s weapon. It probably contributed to Mistral being thrown out of the Seelie Court. Mistral is also the father of the nightflyer race, an integral part of the Slaugh. His most recent child is Wynne.

Kitto was a victim when he first came to Merry. At four feet tall, he is the smallest of her men and probably the softest. Kitto served as King Kurag’s stand-in to get the pound of flesh negotiated for the duration of the goblin alliance with Merry. He is a sweetheart though and makes a good housewife. The rest of Merry’s men have started to get him to exercise and train so he is gaining muscle. He is a Sidhe and goblin product. He has the soft, black hair, and smooth, skin of the Sidhe which happens to be the color of moonlight. His eyes are almond shape and have a vertical slit for a pupil but the color is all Sidhe. He is one of Tegan Rose’s fathers.

Royal is a demi-fae and part of Queen NicEven’s court. NicEven’s demi-fae court is a part of the Unseelie Sidhe Court. At one point he was Barbie doll-sized all the time and he had no wings. Merry’s magic brought Nicca wings, Royal and his sister Penny, went to Merry for help. Though the magic almost killed him, Royal has wings. Plus he can change size now. Royal can go from ten inches to five feet. A big improvement. He is one of Tegan Rose’s fathers.

Gwynwyfar Joy Tempest Garland Wynne for short was the first of the triplets to be born. She is the daughter of Merry, Rhys, Galen, and Mistral. Wynne has white curly like her father Rhys as well as blue eyes. She has what looks like a birthmark of gold and silver lace on her arm from shoulder to wrist. It’s forked lightning. Rhys chose the name Gwynwyfar, it is the Welsh spelling of Guinevere. Galen chose Joy to pick up on Merry’s name. Tempest was chosen by Mistral as a mirror of his name. Galen and Rhys both chose Garland. Rhys for Judy Garland and Galen because garlands are celebratory wreaths of flowers.

Alastair Essus Dolson Winter is the son of Merry, Doyle, and Frost. He is the second of the triplets to be born. Alastair has straight black hair and skin the color of mother of pearl. He has a star-shaped black patch on his ear as well as one black ear. Alastair was chosen for its meaning, “Defender of Man”. Essus is in honor of Merry’s father Prince Essus. Dolson was chosen because he is Doyle’s son. Get it? Winter is obviously for Frost.

Tegan Bryluen Mary Katherine also called Tegan Rose. She is the daughter of Merry, Sholto, Royal, and Kitto. She is the third triplet to be born and was a surprise. The name Tegan came from Sholto’s paternal grandmother. Bryluen means rose and is named for the Rose Frost once loved. Mary is for Merry and Kitto likes Katherine because it could be shortened to Kitty. They can be Kitto and Kitty. She has pink and seashell-colored scales on her back that are more moth/butterfly-like than a reptile. Tegan Rose may have the starts to proto-wings like a dragon or nightflier. She has ruby red hair like her mother and horn buds.

This twelve-person family is nine adults with only three kids. It works though. Together they are happy. They had to leave Faerie to survive, but they are finding more fae that really needs them but has no sense of what it is to be fae or Sidhe. The Goddess has plans for Merry. Despite everything, Merry and her men found love.