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What We Want To See: Daredevil Season 2

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1) The effects of how Kingpin arrest has in Hell’s Kitchen. Lets see how the seedy crime world is adjusting to the loss of some pretty big hitters in season one.

2) Give The Punisher his own episode to focus on his origins and his rise to the vigilante name that brings fears to the worse type of criminals.

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3)  Bullseye hired by Kingpin to perform a high number of assassinations of high profiled individuals across Hell’s Kitchen to catch Daredevil’’s attention.

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4) The return of Stick and the so call “coming war”.

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5) Mentions of the events of Age of Ultron as well as the talk of government being more involved of masked heroes.

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6) Cameo of Dr. Zebediah Killgrave

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7) The concept of putting a team together starts to grow in Murdock’s head after teaming up with Punisher.

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