Here at The Game Of Nerds, we feel there is no such thing as an unhealthy obsession. We are all nerds here and I can tell you we are a special bunch. We love our fandoms and know everything about them. Many of us have more than one fandom we are passionate about. That’s a considerable about of brainpower. Just imagine if you became a “fandom” for a nerd. All that attention focused on you. Here, let me tell you five reasons to fall in love with a nerd. These are in no particular order.

Nerds are fun. Nerds love to go to the movies and sometimes even dress up as their favorite character for it. It’s just so cute! Comic-Con is so much fun. Your nerd is sure to rope you into going into one if you have never been before. You guys might play out a Dungeons and Dragons campaigner. Trust me it’s so much fun! You get to be someone else, completely different from who you are, and beat the crap out of monsters. Magic the Gathering might be more their game, which is another good choice. Nerds watch the best TV shows.

Nerds are knowledgeable. Nerds hold a vast amount of knowledge about any of their fandoms. Want to know why Sam from Supernatural decided to hunt again? Ask your Supernatural nerd. Need to find out all the lycanthropes in the Anita Blake series? That’s one of my fandoms. I can name them all. Nerds can tell you so many details. Quiz us. We want to impress you.

Nerds are creative. Nerds write stories. They may be oral or a book or a campaign for a game. It takes time and thought. Nerds build outfits to fit into the worlds they create. Sometimes that includes armor and they do a kickass job. My nerdy friend Amanda can make scale mail. Nerds go all out for theme parties. Your wedding could be amazing.

Nerds are passionate. Have you ever heard a nerd from Gryffindor argue with a nerd from Slytherin? That is some passion right there. Team Jacob and Team Edward had people everywhere divided. There are those that think Maleficent was cast in a bad light and others who thought she was a bad guy. That’s interesting to watch. Imagine that passion focused on you.

Nerds can deliver fantasy. As I said, nerds are knowledgeable, creative, and passionate. All this makes them a lot of fun. They can make the story and have the skills to immerse you in it fully. All you need is a sense of adventure, and imagination, and a willingness to let go and all this is yours. Why would you not want a nerd?

There are so many fandoms and so many nerds. At one time it was a bad thing to be a nerd. Thankfully it isn’t quite mainstream but it’s more acceptable. Nerds sometimes are a bit shyer until you get to know them. I can promise you, once you get to know them, they can show you the magic of their world. Get lost in it. Have fun and fall in love.