March For Science Silicon Valley Photo Property of The Game of Nerds

We can all agree that we live on a pretty sweet planet and that we must take care of it. Thus why we spend once a year celebrating how awesome Mother Earth to us with Earth Day. Yesterday, thousands of people around the world marched in the name of science and protecting the world. The March of Science website describes its mission as the following:

The March for Science is a celebration of science.  It’s not only about scientists and politicians; it is about the very real role that science plays in each of our lives and the need to respect and encourage research that gives us insight into the world.

The Game of Nerds was lucky enough to get a surprise behind the scenes look at March of Science in Silicon Valley. This was due to the fact that the march finished right in Plaza De Cesar Chavez and had its own rally. Currently, Silicon Valley Comic Con is taking over the plaza for an outdoor festival. It only seems fitting that the two of them paired up! The outdoor festival had VR stations from Facebook, gaming trucks by Playstation, and enough food trucks to make you want to take a nap on the glass.  Jon Hicks, myself, and my husband, Andy Parola, were actually on our way back to the convention floor after checking out the festival when we got cornered in the back by the march. But to our surprise it worked in our favor! 🙂

Since we were stuck, I decided to start taking photos of the march from right behind the stage. All of a sudden, I realize Mayim Bialik and Rachel Bloom are now standing right next to me. They were the guests for the March and we happened to be the only people back there! SCORE! Not only did they encourage selfies, they very graciously talked to us about the march and science. Don’t worry, we threw in a few “OMG, we are huge fans” just to make sure we didn’t explode from our excess of ‘FEELZ”. We were so extremely lucky to be able to catch these two extraordinary women stand for something they are extremely passionate about!


Source: The Game of Nerds

I apologize in advance to Rachel Bloom for this glorious picture of her amazing behind! BUT If you are invested in getting Rachel Bloom’s sweatshirt, it’s actually a Bill Nye special! He is raising funds for The Planetary Society and it can be ordered here.  Also don’t miss out on his new Netflix special Bill Nye Saves The World!