With summer in full swing, it might be time for some gaming on the go! We have shared a few mobile farming sims on this platform over the years. However, they tend to be more indie in nature. Today I would like to share with you a big name new in the race; Story of Seasons: Mobile.

story of seasons mobile
Source: Ayman is Geek

The Plot

This story begins with the player already living farm life with their parents. There is no tragic backstory here, as the player inherits the farm while their parents travel the world. Like with any Story of Seasons game, the goal is to grow crops and raise animals. However, in this game, players meet the needs of villagers, AKA customers. This is more of a supply and demand simulator. Customers request an item, and the player must provide it. With happy customers comes friendship and even romance leading to marriage. Story of Seasons: Mobile will take a page out of the Animal Crossing handbook and make certain events only available in real-time, giving the game a slight sense of realism.


Mobile games are not always my cup of tea, but I find Story of Seasons: Mobile to have charm. It looks, from the trailer, as a full-blown title. It honestly looks better than the most recent Story of Seasons release. There are title cards for when characters speak, the graphics look adorable, and it does not feel like a point-and-click game. I do not get the sense that I would be tapping for crops to grow or for my cow to produce milk. Overall, it looks like Story of Seasons: Mobile would be an excellent addition to a virtual farmer’s collection.

Odds and Ends

Currently, Story of Seasons: Mobile is only available for pre-registration in China with no release date. Therefore, it is unclear if or when it will hit other markets. Upon release, it will be available on IOS and Android.