Episode Synopsis:

Jess tries anything and everything to get her mind off of Nick, who returns from his summer in New Orleans sooner than anticipated. Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece struggle in the search for their first home and Winston deals with having a long-distance relationship with Aly

Can’t get over Nick

Throughout the premiere episode, Jess really has a tough time not thinking about Nick. We see that she’s been keeping her mind off things, by trying new hobbies, like working out and wood turning. I loved seeing Jess move the refrigerator like it was no big deal. it’s so un-Jess like, which made it funnier. And while she’s distracting herself with her new hobbies, she’s also distracting herself by helping Schmidt and Cece find a place to live. She follows them around like a little puppy and comes to open houses and even prints out a potential candidate for the newlyweds. But of course, what ends up shaking her world, is seeing that Nick has returned earlier than expected. When she walks into the loft, and sees him, she automatically changes. She’s not super bubbly and joking around with him anymore. She instantly freezes and has a hard time speaking to him. We haven’t seen Jess like this ever, so it really shows that she’s fallen for Nick super hard this time. Even though Jess, had a hard time talking to Nick, the times she did interact with him, were so adorable. Nick hugging her and asking how she’s been, just melted my heart. Even if Nick is in a relationship, he still truly wants to know how Jess is doing and cares for her deeply. Also, the two don’t really hug anymore, so I loved that he gave her a big hug. Also, when Jess finds out about Nick’s book and how he partially dedicated it to her, put me into a coma. Once again, Nick showed Jess, how much she meant to him and thanked her for telling him to go to New Orleans. I mean technically, she didn’t tell him to go, but we’ll let that slide. I’m just really interested to see how Jess continues to keep her mind off of Nick, now that he’s returned. Is she always going be standoffish, every time she sees him, or will she eventually be comfortable with the situation? Lastly, I’m glad that she told the rest of the gang about her secret, because I’m sure they’ll try to help her out more when times get desperate.

House hunting

So the time has finally come. Someone is leaving the loft for good, and what better people to leave, than the happy newlyweds. When I watched the first couple scenes between Schmidt and Cece, I felt like they definitely matured. Yes, Schmidt is still a little psychotic about finding the perfect place, but I feel like he’s definitely calmed down a little, now that he’s married. I like this new vibe between him and Cece, and it’s nice to see a couple agree on things more, and not fight all the time. After looking at that really expensive house, I’m actually glad they took Jess’ advice in the end and bought that dump, because they actually took their friends advice and took her thoughts into consideration. And now they can make the house their own by refurbishing it. It was such a sweet scene, when the gang started tearing down the house and pouring champagne to celebrate Schmidt and Cece’s new home. Also, I loved that the couple could finally hang up their wedding photo. I’m excited to see how their house transforms and if Schmidt and Cece bump heads when it comes to designing the interior. it’ll be weird, not seeing those two in the loft, but it’s definitely for the best and shows progression within the group.

Long distance

It’s nice to see that Winston and Aly are still together, because usually when a guest star is in a relationship with one of the main characters, they don’t last very long on the show. I’m happy that even though Aly is in another state at the moment, her and Winston still decided to stay together. And even though we only saw Winston talk to Aly via video chat, their conversations were still spot on. They’re still singing to each other and not afraid to voice their opinions. It’s a nice breath of fresh air because Winston is finally happy and in love. He also kept the comedy alive in this episode, because he had to deal with Aly’s sister, who was the worst relator ever! The casting agent did a great job picking Aly’s sister, because they looked a lot alike and their mannerisms were kind of the same. Also, it’s fun to see Winston already interacting with one of Aly’s relatives. You know their relationship is going to last, when we get introduced to other people related to that significant other. I can’t wait to see what their future holds, and I hope Aly isn’t gone for too long.

Overall, I really loved this episode. Like I said in my teaser, this episode really reminded me of Season 1 because it was very subtle with it’s comedy and not full of crazy events and had a lot of physical comedy spread throughout. It really reminded me why I love this show. It’s always been about the characters and how they’re dealing with life and trying to mature. I really hope this tone continues throughout the season because even though Season 1 took me a little while to start liking, in the end, there were some great episodes and they really showed a variety of tones, more serious than others.