Wow Liv sure looks a lot like Rose McIver here. (Photo Source: The CW)

Get ready guys, especially after this week’s episode, I have some major theories developing. But I’ll get to those after my recap!

This just happened to be another week where I can barely remember what the murder case was about, but I vividly remember everything else! I do remember that Liv ate the brain of Ravi’s former boss who was working a case for the CDC on a dangerous spreading flu virus. Unlike usual, we couldn’t tell right away what the effects of this brain would be. Eventually we realized that Liv was spending every night in the bar trying to pick up guys–once Liv realized what was going on, she tried desperately to resist, but how can you when hottie Chase Graves comes and hits on you?! Spoiler: you can’t–or at least Liv couldn’t. After an evening of some hardcore flirting, Chase and Liv hooked up. And it was STEAMY. 

As sad as we were (or weren’t) that Liv missed Major’s goodbye party (and cheated on Justin) because she was hooking up with Chase, it was for the best. Because if she had gone, she may have died! Major was fired from Fillmore Graves (for not not being a zombie), and instead of sinking back into his hermit depression, Natalie came back and he decided to move to to Italy with her. I get why he may want to leave, but he really does jump into relationships quickly. At his goodbye party, new Zombie Harley Johns showed up and claimed zombies are abominations as he blew up the house. Luckily, Justin and Major were outside talking about Liv, so they missed the explosion, but it’s safe to guess this is officially the beginning of the Zombie D-Day.

Other important things to touch on…

-Barracus offered Peyton a position on his staff. It’s unclear if this is because of her actual talent or because he wants her to drop the Wexler case. Either way, it would be smart of her to take the job!

-And in Clive’s efforts to solve this week’s murder, he found out that one of the Fillmore Graves executives is involved …somehow… with the Wexler case. This leads me to my theories:

I THINK…Fillmore Graves is responsible for the Tuttle Reed murders. They needed a cop on their side, so they killed Wally and his mom to recruit Clive to the cause. It’s safe to say they may be responsible for turning Wexler’s daughter into a zombie, too. So I guess these guys aren’t so good after all.

I could be wrong but, come on, it makes a lot of sense.