It has been a while since I have taken a gander at Amazon Prime Video. To be completely honest, it is not my go-to streaming service. I tend to stick to Netflix, Hulu, or DropOut to get my video fix; however, something told me to check in on Amazon to find something new. After getting reacquainted with the interface, I stumbled on to my latest obsession, Truth Seekers.

truth seekers
Source: Den of Geek

The Plot

Truth Seekers is a horror-comedy centered around Gus Roberts (Nick Frost), a paranormal investigator working for Smyle, a broadband internet company. Gus has been a paranormal investigator for over 20 years but has not discovered much of anything. That is, until Elton John (Samson Kayo), came aboard. Together with Astrid’s (Emma D’Arcy) help, they work to bring 100% internet coverage to Britain and solve hauntings in the process. Along for the ride are Richard (Malcolm McDowell), Gus’s father-in-law, Helen (Susie Wokoma), Elton’s sister, and David (Simon Pegg) Smyle’s head of operations.

As the group gets comfortable working together, they find themselves in the middle of a battle with the occult. Dr. Peter Toynbee (Julian Barratt), a scientist and expert in the paranormal arts, is hell-bent on immortality. The only way to achieve this and head to Avernus is to kill many people. Thus, releasing their souls while Toynbee releases his own soul. Will the Truth Seekers be able to foil this plot, or will the world as we know it is doomed?

My Thoughts

Truth be told, I adored Truth Seekers. It had a bit of everything, drama, comedy, and a dash of horror. The characters had depth and delicious backstories that helped me connect with them. Without spoiling the cliffhanger of an ending, I was left more than intrigued. Overall, Truth Seekers left me with more questions than answers, but honestly, I am completely alright with that.