You’ve got a lot on your mind this Valentine’s Day, don’t you? What MMORPG to play starting at 6 am and lasting (with various suitable breaks) until 11 pm. However, at some point before Valentine’ Day you have put it into your phone’s To-Do list to purchase some sort of remembrance item for the romantic person in your life. Don’t worry, pal, you can leave it partially wrapped (no bow — who uses bows anymore!?!) so that that special someone will stumble over it all on their own. No muss; no fuss.

Now that’s romantic!

This year you can start early by selecting one of these very on topic shirts. The messages are also on topic, so don’t be shy. Get that charge card out and order away!!


A Hearty T for Valentine’s Day.
Source: Amazon

This person’s heart is in the right place! Just $14.99 from Amazon. Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat.

Take a controlling interest in your love life!
Source: Amazon

Why not gear up as you tear up? This shirt says “I love you” from the opening screen to the closing credits. $17.99 from Amazon.

Variation on the shirt above. Slightly more wimpy, but pun-loving gamer!!
Source: TeeWovy

Well, the visual side of this is more clever than the strictly graphical approach of the one just above it. And this text pun will absolutely delight someone’s special gal pal. $20.95 from TeeWovy.

Old school game playing, Valentine’s Day style.
Source: GraphicOneShirt on Etsy.

This kind of game takes less skill and more perseverance. But once you’ve got your hearts in a row, you have your intended in your sights. As the shirt implies, this is the pause that refreshes. $19.97 from GraphicOneShirt on Etsy.

Team Red expressing itself on Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t want to share the gamer space with such creatures Among Us? Source: RedBubble.

Regardless of whether you’re an imposter or not, it’s fun to share your space with a cute little creature like this. Buy a set so the feeling can be mutual, then lord it over everyone else on your virtual meeting or Zoom call. $22.88 on RedBubble.

A great couples shirt, so order two. One for you, one for your other.
Source: RedBubble. 

Every couple needs a great shirt to wear, whether together with a favorite board game or in separate rooms playing World Of Warcraft. $18.98 from RedBubble.

So SWEEEEEEEET!!! Somebody call the dentist!
Source: TeeFonix

This is the shirt for any gamer with a significant other who is also in the game (or into games). Clever wording, regardless of whether you’re on Team Red or Team White. $22.99 from TeeFonix.

Player 1? Player 2? Who cares, just as long as everyone gets to play!!
Source: Amazon

The couple that games together … what rhymes with games together??? It doesn’t matter. If you’re looking to buy a couple’s shared Valentine’s Day experience, these shirts are it. Get Player One and Player Two here. They can even be worn when it’s not the actual day itself. Now that’s a V for Value (not Valentine) moment!