Spider solitaire card games are known for not only bringing fun but also teaching the players some skills to help them in solving life problems. There are many free Spider solitaire versions you can choose from such as Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Yukon, Forty Thieves, and others. The list of the available options is endless but once you have got the basics of playing, you will surely master any of them.

Classic Spider solitaire was introduced to computers in 1981 as it was in-built in the Windows 3.0 operating system. Thanks to technology, now you can also play Spider solitaire using your smartphone because there is a variety of apps offered. Regardless of the format you pick, this game will help you understand the concepts http://www.spidersolitairemasters.net/ .

One Step Backward May Lead to Two Steps Forward

To understand this lesson, you need to remember some basics. Thus, the main objective of the game is to come up with four piles of cards that are of the same suit. The arrangement of the cards must follow the order from Aces to Kings. Whenever a new card arises, your most preferred option will always be to move it to the already started piles as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can move it to where it fits and brings some benefits. Therefore, the moment you manage to place a card in the foundation area, you are making a step forward.

However, you can face the situation when you need to make some extra moves that seem to have low value themselves but they will bring you a great advantage in the next few seconds. This kind of strategy trains your brain that sometimes you need to take one step back in order to progress. Also, the more you encounter such instances, the more you improve your forward-thinking skills.

No Rush in Making Decisions, Create and Analyze Options

Sometimes there is an opportunity to move a card but it might not be the best option at the current moment. Let’s take a case study. Suppose you have black and red fours as well as black and red fives available. But, there is no hidden card under the red four, so moving it to the top of the black five will not serve you any good. On the other hand, transferring the black four will open a new card. The choice is http://www.solitaire-masters.net/ !

One more example: imagine you have two King cards of different colors in stock and an empty cell in the tableau. Without rushing, check if you have a sequence starting with Queen or Jack. Then, taking the rule of the alternate colors into account, it will be easy to decide which King is more suitable to choose to move the existing sequence sooner, open new cards, and thus complete the game faster. However, all these will become easier to understand when you play a real game. So, why not download the Spider solitaire Masters app and try your hand at this challenging but entertaining puzzle?


Today, you can find so many options of Spider solitaire online. And all of them have something in common, apart from basic rules. This is the opportunity for you to develop important skills such as strategic thinking, attentiveness to the details, and identifying the pros and cons fast, among the rest. If this is what you need, Spider solitaire is waiting for you!