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If you missed last week’s article on Agni, you can find it here.

Terra is the Roman Goddess of the Earth. She is also called Tellus or Terra Mater. Her Greek equivalent is Gaia. Her realm of responsibility is the Earth and all things growing and living there. As an Earth goddess, she is also a mother Goddess. Terra’s symbols are cornucopias, which she is often depicted reclining in, fruit, flowers, and cattle. Her symbols are expressed vividly in the Legend of Terra Online Slot. This is one of the most notable slots from NeoGames. It is part of NeoGames casino’s huge collection of stunning slot machines that you can try online with casino reviews.

Terra’s father is Chaos. She is one of the first deities to emerge. One of her siblings is Nox, Goddess of the night. Her consort is Caelus, God of the sky. One of her children is the God Saturn, who is the equivalent of the Titan Cronos in Greek mythology. He is not a nice guy.

Terra is a primordial Goddess who helps populate the Gods that would rule later. Not only did she couple with her brother, but she also populated with her son and grandson. That being said, she has been a part of three generations of Gods and Goddesses. Earth Goddesses such as Terra, are not only responsible for everything to do with Earth, or a very specific function of Earth but are also considered fertility Goddesses. The very fact that Terra is a part of at least three generations of deities is proof of why.

She has helped humans and animals alike. She gives us the bounty of vegetation and animals. We humans use them for all manners of food, medicine, utensils, and anything else we are clever enough to figure out. As much as we abuse her, she still cares for us.

What do you think of Terra? She makes sense as a Goddess fighting in Smite. With command of the Earth, she can literally move mountains and bring them down on someone or make the Earth swallow you whole. Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…