It’s always interesting when two worlds collide. Often that’s how something extraordinary is created, and, as we’ve discovered on the new game The Sandbox, that is the case when blockchain and immersive multiplayer gaming combine. The face of gaming has changed drastically over the years, with more gamers wanting to create their own environments, as well as playing within them. And on the other foot, blockchain has exploded with the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum taking virtual currency and secure transactions to a new level.

But it can be tough to get into understanding the blockchain, so why not get your foot into the door by learning about the latest in gaming via a massive, extremely playable open-world sandbox game? It makes it easier.

Understanding the blockchain

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

At its core, blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions. But it’s designed so that information is recorded and stored such that it’s near impossible to hack the system. The transactions are replicated and spread across an entire network of computer systems that are all on the blockchain. This is where the name comes in, as each block in the chain will have a certain number of transactions. When a new transaction is made, a record is added to the ledger of all participants involved.

The decentralized database that multiple people can manage is called a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLR), and blockchain is a ledger like this, but with immense security. For example, if one block in the chain is altered, it’d be obvious that something’s been done so preventative actions can be taken. A hacker would have to target a whole blockchain system to get any information in just one block. It’s no surprise then that blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are growing and becoming more secure and more popular as a form of currency. Especially in online gaming.

Reading a description of blockchain is one way to learn about it quickly. But the better way is to really get into the thick of it.  That’s what you’ll experience when you play The Sandbox Game, an open-world metaverse that lets you play, create, own, and earn – a truly unique experience. The Sandbox is built on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning you’ll be using virtual currency for all in-game transactions. But it’s very different from the likes of other games as you use non-fungible tokens (NFTS) as the main form of currency within the game. 

Let’s start from the beginning.

Source: Sandbox Official Twitter

Like other sandbox type games, The Sandbox lets you explore its vast online world.

It will be a familiar look to fans of Minecraft, and you can create your avatar, get stuck into it, explore different worlds, try out different levels, and essentially see what it’s all about. But that’s just the base level. That’s like starting out on GTA and ignoring all the main missions and just roaming around, hijacking cabs, and exploring the streets until you’re ready to proceed to the real guts of the game. On The Sandbox, though, aside from no carjacking, the guts are the best part. You can build your own levels and environments within the game, similar to chopping wood and building castles on Minecraft, except it’s a lot better this time around. And easier too, as the developers of the game provide you with some useful tools from the beginning. The Game Maker lets you drop and drag and edit your own 3D worlds, so after a bit of practice, you’ll have made your own world within The Sandbox’s metaverse.

When it comes to buying things within the game, there is an in-game currency called SAND. These tokens essentially let you buy more LAND (which is land for you to build your own world) as well as various items from the marketplace. Keep building on your LAND, and then you can start really utilizing blockchain tokens to their full capability.

Other players within The Sandbox can come to your newly created world and take on any challenges that you’ve set up. Create something epic that players will flock back to, and you can charge SAND for them to participate, which is a great way for you to build up your own blockchain funds. With SAND, you can use it to build more on your LAND or go to the marketplace and exchange it for other items, such as avatar accessories. As The Sandbox is a decentralized game, it means whatever you create, you own. The rights are yours; the funds are yours, and nobody can take them away.

So, if investing in virtual currency sounds daunting, why not try it via The Sandbox instead. Build up your virtual real estate portfolio and then increase your virtual wallet too. It’s a fun way to enjoy the best of both worlds, and you get to learn about NFTs.

Source: Sandbox Twitter