We are riding the roller-coaster into the final two episodes now.

And the tears are coming fast . . .

But I’m pretty sure next week’s finale is going to be an absolute sob-fest.

That’s Awkward . . .

We begin with Klaus rushing out of town to Mystic Falls so he can beg Caroline for help.  More specifically, he needs the help of her daughters and their witchy powers.

Hope is dying.  No one has been able to find a way out of it.  Marcel has already reached an acceptance about it and is pressing for Klaus to tell Hope.  Hope deserves the time to say goodbye.

Not at all surprising, Klaus refuses to accept that.  Putting Elijah, the only one Klaus trusts, in charge of watching Hope, Klaus goes to Caroline.

Talk about awkward situations!  Poor Caroline has to choose between putting her daughters in potential danger and helping a dear friend.  (We’re go with “friend” until another word is used in the show)

Caroline agrees, as we sort of knew she would.  She agrees after Klaus even uses the words “I’m begging you.”  He says he wants her daughters to put the Big Evil in him, then sink him to the bottom of the ocean where he couldn’t hurt anybody.

Have a Milkshake

Meanwhile, Hope is having to tolerate Elijah.  She has read Stefan Salvatore’s diary, as well as Alaric’s books on Mystic Falls.  As she tells Elijah, “dad is the Big Bad Wolf in every one of them.”

Klaus appearing in Stefan Salvatore’s story seems like lifetimes ago, doesn’t it?

And he was indeed the Big Bad Wolf.

While they sit in a part of Mystic Falls where every building bears has the name of “Elena” or “Salvatore,” Elijah tells Hope a story.

He tells her about how Klaus used to paint.  He’d stay up at all hours creating new colors.  One night, Klaus woke Elijah to show him he’d discovered turquoise.  He was ecstatic.

Elijah also told Hope about how Klaus crafted his first paintbrush.  Their father was so angry, he struck Klaus across the face.  Klaus asked Elijah to run away, but Elijah couldn’t abandon Kol and Rebecca.  They stayed.  They stayed, but Elijah swore to protect Klaus for the rest of his life.

It’s an important story.  I could be proven wrong later in the episode, but I think Elijah was telling Hope this so she could see Klaus in a different light.  Klaus could be kind, excited.  He was also a victim, abused and humiliated.  I hope this isn’t the show preparing us for his sacrifice play.

During this little milkshake event, we also get to meet Landon.  Landon is a server at the restaurant, but also someone Hope knows from school.  He’s very obviously smitten.  He asks her to a blues concert that night in the square.  She says no.  When Elijah asks why, it is revealed that Hope knows.

Hope knows already that she is dying and soon.

Uncle Elijah

It’s so sweet how hard Elijah is trying to do right by Hope.  It’s him who first finds out that Hope knows she is dying.  He also watches her flirt with Landon and then as Landon gets bullied by a couple of guys.  How does Elijah react?  Not anything like Klaus would, that’s for sure.

Elijah leaves $300 on the table and tells Hope it is time she learned to drive a Bentley.

The only thing more amazing than how perfect Hope’s parking job is, is the story she tells Elijah about how she came to be born.  Yes, she believes she was a mistake.  She believes the universe has been trying to kill her all long.  She thinks it would be best if she was just taken out.  After all, she knew she’d probably die when she chose to take the power back.

So, Elijah takes her to the bullies from before.  She then uses her powers to blow out the windows of the bullies vehicle.  It’s satisfying.  Elijah and Hope share a smile, their only nice moment in their lives.

Terrified Fathers

Just as Klaus is explaining to Caroline’s kids what to do, Alaric bursts in and puts an arrow in Klaus.

Klaus and Alaric, two worried dads doing what they need to do to protect their families.

Alaric doesn’t trust this plan of Caroline’s.  He doesn’t believe the ocean could hold Klaus, even if nothing went wrong before that.  What’s sad is that Klaus agrees.  Klaus has the last white oak stake.  He needs someone to kill him once he has the Big Bad Evil in him.

I continue to worry that that is exactly what the plot of this show is going to do.

Caroline promises Klaus that she’ll persuade Alaric to allow the ceremony.  She wants there to be another way, but she accepts that there isn’t time to find one.

Hope to Elijah: “I broke it.  I broke our family.”  

Hope finally breaks down in front of Elijah, of all people.  He tells her not to give up.  He tells her she needs to live for her father, because Klaus can’t lose her.

Hope tells him she’s tired.  She tried everything to bring her family together, but she broke it and ruined it.  She’s tired, so tired, and she just wants her mom.

She then collapses.

Hayley to Hope: “I didn’t die because of you.  I’m at peace because of you.”  

When Hope stops breathing, she wakes up in the woods with her mom.  It’s a heartbreaking scene, with wonderful acting from both women.

Hayley tells Hope she forgives her.  When Hope refuses to leave, Hayley shows her to the bayou.  There, Jackson is playing the guitar.  All the werewolves that have died are there.  Hayley’s family is there.  She is happy and at peace.

Just as Hayley is telling Hope to go back, to go live a life, to come back a long, long, long time from now with stories, Hayley adds “there is something I need you to do.”

Then Hope wakes up to the terrified arms of Klaus, who was heartbroken and afraid and is now even more adamant that he will save his daughter’s life tonight.

Can Hope save his?

Hope to Elijah: “I saw my mom when I fainted.  She told me to tell you she’s still holding out for that dance.”  

Hope tells Elijah this as they sit on a park bench and share a banana split.  In the plot, this gives Elijah closure.  It also helps bring Hope and Elijah closer together.

It meant something entirely different to me.

Suddenly, I could see Elijah taking Klaus’ place.  Elijah has nothing to live for except family and maybe Antoinette.  He is somewhat distanced from the first and has totally let go of the second.  I could see dying for Hope being his redemption.  He would get forgiveness from his family, from his brother, and he’d be with Hayley again.

Is there any way this series doesn’t end with the death of a Mikaelson?

Caroline to Klaus: “I think of a part of me always knew . . . you weren’t the villain of my story.”  

As Hope dances with Landon, Klaus watches with eyes that shine.  Caroline comes over.  Klaus tries to thank her.  She stops him and tells a small story of her own.

There was a time, years ago, when Caroline was scared.  She took the girls in the car and drove to New Orleans to see Klaus.  Klaus wasn’t there.  She went home.  The point was that she sought him out when she was afraid.

The regret on Klaus’ face is heartbreaking.  He does the only thing he can do and leans in . . . but the moment changes and the almost-kiss is lost.

I think I’m officially part of the “Klaus/Caroline” wagon . . . if he survives.

Klaus to Hope: “I’m so proud of you.”  

Elijah tries to do just what I thought, only he failed.  He tried to get Klaus to let him make the sacrifice instead.  Klaus told him no.  He would not let Elijah make anymore sacrifices for him.  He then shoved Elijah into the werewolf cage and took Hope out under the stars, telling Hope Hayley would have wanted her to change out here.

I think one of Klaus’ best scenes will be kneeling in the grass, telling his daughter how to survive the change.  It was beautiful and heart-rending.

After Hope is a wolf, Klaus lets out a small smile and goes to Alaric.  Alaric tells him that Caroline isn’t here because she couldn’t watch Klaus die.  (I officially have my suspicions that something else is going on there . . . )

The daughters finish their spell and give the Hollow to Klaus.  Elijah arrives just in time for Alaric to rush the daughters away and for Klaus to put the white oak stake to his chest.

“Don’t,” says Elijah.

Theories for Next Week’s Finale 

Considering the promo shows Klaus throughout the episode, it looks as if he doesn’t kill himself immediately.  He gets to have a funeral.  Know what that means?  We fans are going to sob through the whole thing.

I, however, have my theories.

Yes, the show could deliver on exactly what we’ve been shown.  Klaus could have a funeral, say his goodbyes to family and friend, then kill himself or have someone else kill him.  If this happens, I won’t be happy.  I can see why this would make for a beautiful redemption arc.  However, I also don’t think it’s fair to someone who has only ever wanted to be with his family.  Also, who would be waiting for him on the other side?  The only person I can think of would be Cami.

No, I have still have my concerns about Caroline.  Did you see her look back at Klaus after their near-kiss?  That looked more than regretful to me.  Add onto that the fact she bowed out of seeing the ritual through, where her kids were vulnerable, where Klaus would die?  No.  I have this feeling she’s working on something.

The problem with this theory is that it brings me back to concerns over Elijah.  I could see him and Caroline teaming up to change the fates, to have Elijah take Klaus’ place.  After all, that would make more sense to me in regards to a redemption arc.

The biggest catch to all of this, however, is the spin-off.  According to most sources, none of the “Originals” cast will be going over into the spin-off.  That means that, whichever characters survive the finale, they have to have a reason not to be in Hope’s life.  Death would be an easy reason.

Officially, I still have my fingers crossed for a finale where all the Mikaelson’s survive.  I admit, those crossed fingers are warring with the fact I’m going to sob through next week’s finale.

Best Line

Klaus to Caroline: There’s always another way.  Somewhere, written in some forgotten language, in some city lost in lava, likely lies buried the secret to having everything I want all at once . . . but I’m not going to find it today and today is all I have.

Caroline: This would be so much easier if you just stayed the Big Bad Wolf.