One of the best things about a good book is its ability to pull you away from the real world and into a place where the words on the page are but a guide into your own imaginative spirit; all consequences are erased when the pages are closed. It’s a form of escape from our normal, ho-hum, regular flavored world. Nowadays, between movies, video games, TV, comics, manga, and, well… books, there are a nearly infinite amount of worlds to get lost in. An uncountable number of people and stories to learn about.

It’s dangerous.

It’s dangerous how easily the internet and technology allow us to form communities, share our passions and fantasies, and build onto a world that someone else that we’ve never met has created. Some people write fan-fiction, some others get tattoos. My favorite way to show your devotion is through cosplay because nothing says “I’m a fan” like wearing your favorite characters’ clothes and, sometimes, their skin.

So! In the spirit of Halloween, I composed just a few relatively simple costumes to wear to your next party, or trick or treating, or alone while you watch reruns of that show/movie/anime for the 30th time, accompanied only by the nagging feeling you should be doing something “productive,” whilst also being crushed under the weight of simply not caring, the two locked in an eternal battle with an overarching and permeating belief that maybe none of this matters, and its okay to watch 8 more seasons…

I digress. Here’s the list.

Saitama (One Punch Man)

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Picture Credit: Viz Media, Madhouse studio

Good ole’ Saitama is the protagonist of one the most popular anime’s out right now, and boy does he look sharp. The premise of One Punch Man is unsurprising: Due to his extremely consistent (yet overwhelmingly simple) physical training, Saitama is able to defeat virtually any enemy with a single punch. His go-to superhero costume is fairly straightforward, consisting of only a few elements.

Warning: you will not pull this costume off unless you’re bald.

Dazcos ONE Punch-man Saitama Cosplay Belt

Adult Lycra Spandex One Piece Unitard Full Bodysuit Costume

Adult Super Hero Gauntlets Long Gloves Men Women Cosplay Costume Accessory

Superhero Cape Adult

The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is a well-known character that appears in many films, anime, manga, video games, and media. The best thing about this character is that it’s notoriously easy to cosplay. If you’re pressed for time or simply don’t want to invest too much money and energy in your costume, this one’s a quick and easy choice! Simply get a long black billowing cloak, a fake scythe, and a skeleton mask (or use makeup), and you’re good to go.

Morty Smith (Rick & Morty)

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Photo credit: Harmonious Claptrap Productions

Oh Jeez, Morty Smith can be found accompanying his genius, nihilist grandpa, Rick Sanchez, on sci-fi, morally questionable hijinks throughout the multiverse on the hit adult swim cartoon “Rick & Morty.” Y-you can’t just dress up as Morty, oh no. It takes skill, time, and a couple of mega-seeds to really pull it off.  I’ve attached the comprehensive catalog of what this costume entails but brace yourself: it isn’t cheap, it isn’t easy, and it isn’t for the faint of heart.

I’ll let you see for yourself.

Hanes ComfortSoft Heavyweight T-Shirt

Pretty intense, right?

Elliot Alderson (Mr.Robot)

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Photo Credit: USA Network

Rami Malek stars as ‘Hactivist’ Elliot Alderson in Mr.Robot, the Golden Globe winning TV drama. The show stars its own “anonymous”-esque mask, with over dramatized features similar to the one based off of Guy Fawkes that your least favorite cousin wore for a month straight after watching “V for Vendetta.” In the show, Elliot, who struggles with a mental disorder, wishes to free the world of debt from the colossal sized “E Corp” or “Evil Corp,” as it’s affectionately referred.

The Elliot look is uncomplicated and can be worn with or without mask.

Mr Robot Elliot Alderson Black Hoodie

Mr. Robot Mask

Ripple Junction Mr Robot Evil Corp Pocket Adult T-Shirt

Happy cosplaying!