Between current world events, the rapidly approaching final exam season, and applying for higher education programs, I am exhausted. Self-care is highly essential; however, I genuinely have been neglecting my gaming consoles. One evening, I booted up the ol’ Xbox and downloaded an exciting title; Outward. Indeed, I know I am late to the party, but man, do I have some insight for you!

Source: Alpha Nerds Guild

The Premise

Outward is a fantasy role-playing, survival game that is played in multiplayer both online and or locally through split-screen. The customizable main character finds themselves shipwrecked off the coast of their hometown of Cierzo. They had attempted to make the journey with their mentor and captain, Yzan. This sea fairing mission was intended to help the protagonist earn some silver to pay off an inherited debt known as the Blood Price. They have two options, gain the silver and keep the family’s lighthouse or lose it forever. To sum it up, this tale is a serious look into the life of our character.

Thoughts on Outward

The storyline behind Outward is unique because players are not necessarily the hero, but more of a commoner. We do not have this mythical destiny tying us to one location; we are free to explore the world as we see fit! As a general rule, I enjoy the open world feel; however, I have some issues with Outward. Eighty percent of the time, I have no idea what I am doing. There is no traditional level-up system, I keep ending up in a dank prison, and my combat skills lack. Truly, anything and everything can kill me once I leave the land near Cierzo. In a word, I suck, but that does not mean my time feels wasted.

Part of the fun of Outward is dying, whether it is because of combat or germs from standing water. I enjoy collecting random ingredients I end up selling for one silver and seeing unique creatures. Sure, being thrown in a random bandit prison filled with other prisoners is depressing, but I enjoy the thrill of escape. In the end, is that not the point of games of this genre?

If you want to get your hands on a game that will confuse you to no end, there are a few ways to go about it. Outward is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. If you have any tips or tricks that can help me succeed, I would appreciate it!