Source Smite

Ymir, also known as Aurgelmir, is the Norse primeval being from which our Earth comes from. He is the Goddess Jord’s maker. Ymir is literally the ground beneath our feet. He was formed when the icy waters of Niflheim met the heat of Muspelheim in the abyss of Ginnungagap. Ymir is not only the land itself but all Jotunn comes from him. After Ymir was brought into being he was nourished by the cow Audhumla. As Ymir slept, the beginning of the Aesir Gods sprang forth.

Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve, slew Ymir. When they did so they made his flesh into the Earth, his blood became the seas, the bones became the mountains, and his teeth became the stone. His hair became the trees and his brain the clouds. The four noble dwarves, Norori, Suori, Austri, and Vestri hold Ymir’s skull up at the four corners of the Earth because his skull holds our heavens. His eyebrows became the fence around Midgard, or Middle Earth, the home of mankind.

Ymir is truly a primeval being and we get to revel in the beauty of his creation every day. Does it surprise you this type of being is in Smite? Would you classify Ymir as a God? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…