We have finally hit the last week of October! And there’s still plenty of spooky or otherwise themed art to go around!

Surprisingly, this week doesn’t include Halloween, as this series does this really odd Saturday – Friday schedule.

But even without the day of All Hallows’ Eve, we can still get down with some supernaturally spooky Halloween art. Let’s begin by taking a look at the #7 pick:

7. Balance

Kicking off this week’s list is this mystical piece by Aurru. One quick glance and we can see why it’s a good pick! What better way to kick off this list with some spooky magic?

We’ve got a coyote sitting in the forest holding a skull in one hand, with lit candles on a tree trunk, a raven in the background, and what looks like a misty, foggy forest. The perfect setting for some magical happenings – at least, it looks like some sort of ritual is going on here. There’s lots of mysterious detail packed into this piece too – just look at all the grains rendered on the tree trunk! I also really like how Aurru rendered the glow from the candles, which adds to that mystic tone.

6. Reign

Art-Abaddon gives us this beautiful canine (I think it’s a canine?) gal with a gorgeous background to go along with her. There’s a lot of nice play with the colors here as well – I love how the colors in the background are done, and there’s a real sense of warmth and light from the lanturn. Incense also sweeps all around the canine, who’s got a nice outift with some nice play of pink and blue. Always a classic combo, that one. I also like the partial white and pink hair too. Some great touches with this one.

5. Preparing

Whoa, would you get a load of this guy! The intense shadows and heavy teal shade is what pulls me straight into this picture. It’s so intense and cool looking! Plus, the look on the face of the necromancer adds to that intensity – check out that delightfully devilish grin. The bars on the top and bottom are also something I don’t see too often and adds a touch of cinematic flair to the piece. If you check the backstory on the original post, he’s apparently trying to do this for a good cause, but this looks like a straight-up villain’s scene!

4. Night of Witches

Orphen-Sirius hits us with a nice trio of lovely witches to celebrate Halloween. And I don’t think these are costumes – it looks like there’s some real magic going on here! What I like is that each witch has her own outfit, so it gives a lot of variety to the going-ons here. You also have one witch casting from a spell book, and another making some kind of brew. The bat witch doesn’t seem to be doing any magic but she seems to have found herself her own bat. I love the creative costume designs as well, especially the cauldron witch – just check out the black pupil with the red iris. Now that’s some Halloween creepiness!

Speaking of trios, it’s almost time for the top three – but first, let’s check out some honorable mentions!

Kinda scary with that last honorable mention! But now onto the top three, starting with:

3. Caprine the Conjurer

Okay, this looks really cool, and a great way to kick off the top three. You’ve got the classic contract of red with blue – seriously those blue candlelit skulls are a nice touch! And then you have the complement of red and gold with Caprine’s outfit, which looks badass in general – you’ve got spikes, skulls, horns, the works. Her seat even continues this with skulls on the armrests and one on the top of the chair. But what really sells this one is when you zoom in – Fivel provides the piece with a lot of intricate details and texturing on the chair and the goat. You’ll also catch smaller details too – try to find where Fivel’s signature is on this one!

2. Coral

Coming in at #2 is this pretty unique looking aquatic creature. Sablez recently posted a good number of pics to FA, but ou of all of them, this water fellow stuck out the most to me. The unique style has a lot going on for it, with hooves, bumps, horns, fins, tails, horns, and more. And as the eye wanders around looking for these details the more you can see the nice muscle definition, colors, and shading used on the piece. It’s also a bit of a break from Sablez’s usual pieces, which typically have dark, heavy shadows. This one’s a little more on the light side, and I think it works out great.

And now, this week’s top pick is….

1. Midnight Bliss

It might not be spooky, but Momobeda’s picture here definitely fits the Halloween mood – what better way to get spooky than with a Darkstalkers cosplay? And how! We’ve got a great example of furious, alluring beauty here with this take on Morrigan’s outfit. And check out that rendering job – you can really tell what each piece of the costume is made out of, and that tail looks very nice and furry fluffy. There’s an amazing use of lights and shadow as well that really make this piece visually pop, and the glowing particles add another layer to the supernatural inspiration of the piece. A very ferocious, enticing, and all-around well-done job by Momobeda.

Congratulations and well done Momobeda! Your piece is the number one pick for this week – congratulations and well done!

And that’ll bring this week’s list to an end! Next week’s list will have Halloween….in November…which is odd. But you know what, retail stores start Christmas early, so as a sort of Hallow’s Eve revenge I guess we’ll end Halloween late! Bwahahahaha!

I really enjoyed seeing the holiday-themed art throughout this month! Everyone on and off these lists did a really great job. Can’t wait to see what we get – there’s still the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s afterall!