Michaela and Gabriel have made up and are all lovey dovey, but it’s back to regular things. I hate her personality. Her dad enlists Annalise’s help to communicate with Michaela. She, of course, jumps to the wrong conclusion. Then the emotional beat down commences. Guilt tripping and blaming. Geez, this child needs to deal with her issues and then maybe she would less aggressive and selfish. Then let’s cover up the pain with alcohol.

Chloe is laying the guilt on super thick. She wants something from Asher, although he does not see it. His mom is so transparent though. To me it seems she still can’t stand him. She keeps coming back, annoyingly so. She says that she needs a night off from their depressed mother, because well its Asher’s fault that she is that way. Chole then insults the gang and proceeds to drink their liquor and be an unwanted guest. I just keep think well, if Asher would just go home then she would follow.

Nate, Nate, Nate. I keep telling myself that this is the last season even though it is annoying. I am starting to feel like this could have been wrapped up in one or two episodes. The eye contact that he made with Cora as she was him trying to seduce information out of her. That didn’t work, so he questions her and then Cora tells Tegan, who is just as pissed as me about Nate’s actions. His actions also had an effect on Bonnie. Tegan fired Bonnie over the incident. I mean, she was the one who gave Nate the divorce papers in the first place. It doesn’t come as a shock to me.

Gabriel and Michaela are fighting over her father, Solomon. He told Annalise about Solomon. Then the bad guy shows up at C&G and she emotionally and mentally abuses everyone again. But I will say this that Gabriel is a good looking, smooth talking guy. She is eating up every word he says, but I still rather her be with Asher.

The million dollar question has finally be answered. Why was Connor chosen to be part of the K5? The K5 is the Keating 5. Those students she chooses to work with her. Connor has been wondering why he was chosen since the first or second season I believe. Annalise has never really give him a proper answer. This episode, it comes back up and we finally get an answer. It is not the one that we thought. He has never really stood out from the crowd. Even Asher had his father. It was Bonnie who chose him. For reasons that are surprising, because he helped some kids. Meh, it was a boring answer.

The TRUTH, shall set you free. Annalise’s actions got Solomon a little caught up. She is trying to get a restraining order against Xavier Castillo. Then of course, just like all the other’s, he turns against her too. At the same time, Asher finally finds out that his family ain’t shit. I told y’all she was looking at him like his was trash. His mother still blames him for the death of his father. While all this is going on, everyone is destroying all their electronic devices and Solomon comes to collect Michaela or at least he tries too. She rejects him and sends him packing. Then she tears up the blank check. Dumb move. She should have taken a few million. I would have done that if I were her. As much as I hate her, she and Asher reconnect a little bit after he found out about his family.

Annalise is contemplating escape. She should have done that a long time ago if you ask me. Left all they butts fending for themselves and watch as they try and beat those charges. I mean she did have to blackmail Solomon to get the money to leave but he’s no saint. I bet you Frank will admit to Bonnie the truth about Ron. Cause he can’t seem to help himself.

We did get a little more info into present happenings. Asher knocks on Bonnie’s door and its after graduation. He has a spooked look on his face. Thus far we know that Connor and Michaela were arrested and someone is dead, but who????