Platforming games and I tend not to get along; I don’t know what it is but the second I don’t have full control over a character, I freeze. Even the small-scale platforming boss in Borderlands 3 gave me some trouble, and if it weren’t for my player one, I’d still be on that level. However, when I played Once Upon a Tower, I immediately fell in love and found myself engrossed in it for hours.

Once Upon a Tower Storyline

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess locked away in a tower, guarded by a terrifying dragon and beasts of untold power. Just as the princess was losing hope, Prince Charming climbed to the top of the building, ready to engage the dragon in combat. As the prince raised his gleaming hammer, the monstrous reptile swallowed him whole. This sent the weapon into the princess’s open window. The princess cried momentarily before realizing what the prince left behind. Steeling herself, she grabbed the hammer. This act helped her find inner strength, as she began absolutely wrecking every enemy in sight. Once Upon a Tower is the story of a princess saving herself and seeing that she is a strong and independent woman.

Source: Once Upon a Tower

Gameplay and Thoughts

I picked up Once Upon a Tower on the Google Play Store because the graphics looked spectacular. As an avid D&D player, if a game has a dragon or a princess, I am immediately intrigued. If I am honest, I failed level two more times than I’d like to admit; however, it wasn’t the gameplay that kept me going. I liked the idea of being a strong female character and smashing things with a hammer. As some time passed, I unlocked another powerful princess and realized there were dozens of badass female characters. I personally know I will never get a chance to kill that lustrous lizard, but knowing this game is out there is fantastic. Overall, if you want to break the mold and play a powerful princess, check out Once Upon a Tower on Google Play, the App Store, or Apple Tv.