Joeyredhood.22 came to us thanks to Masked Mateo and The 9. He has been dominating the Instagram cosplay scene for the last two years. He’s proved time and time again that hard work pays off. His Red Hood cosplay is one of the most realistic we’ve seen yet. Get to know JoeyRedHood.22 a little more!

Age: Older than many think 

Location: Southern Virginia, USA

Social Media: Joeyredhood.22 on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Vero 

 What got you into cosplay?
 I used to go to local shows and saw people cosplaying. At first I thought they were hired and part of the event. Then realized it was fans dressing up and becoming part of the event on their own! I wanted to participate! 

 Have you always done Red Hood or have you done other cosplays?
I’ve done mostly Red Hood variations but have started doing my own interpretations of Nightwing, Red X, Deathstroke, among others. I will always predominately cosplay Red Hood though. 

What drew you to doing your famous Red Hood cosplay?
I always was a fan of the character and wanted to put my own spin on his look! None of my versions are really canon or accurate, but I have fun bringing him to life. Maximum angst! lol 

Who are some people/companies that you’ve worked with to complete your cosplays?
Gaslight Co., Dark Knight FXSupergeek Designs, Luca Designs, Insider Props, Hernandez EFX Shope, Gc5fx, Jim Logan, Luke of Do_you_even_cosplay, Uratz Studios, Godofprops, CRO Props/Fx, Ruthless FX props, 4th Wall Design, Olympian Props, Starside Armory, Fanfiction Props

What is your occupation outside of cosplay?
I’m in banking. 

Why do YOU (personally) continue to cosplay?
 It’s fun! A creative outlet. An escape from the real world. Also, it has introduced me to so many great people and I have made many friends. Many of them I haven’t even met in person yet!

What is your favorite convention to cosplay at?
 I’ve only gone to a few local shows. I did get to go Katsucon before the pandemic really hit, and that was fun. I can’t wait to get to shows like Dragon Con in the future. 

How much time do you spend on your cosplay per week/month?

A few hours a week making content for Instagram and Tik Tok. 

What’s the best cosplay experience you’ve had so far?
Getting to shoot with my brother @jconnfilm. It was really awesome to have our two worlds collide and share that moment as brothers. 

What’s the best advice you have for new cosplayers? 
Have fun. Do it for the love of the characters and the creative process! Don’t compare yourself to others, be the first you. Enjoy it! It should be for you first and foremost.  Don’t be afraid to do your own thing!