TGON Builds-3
Welcome to our newest segment, TGON Builds. In this series of articles, Daniel, our staff builder, will show off his newest and unique custom builds. For this first build, he has taken on Demongo from Samurai Jack. Demongo was one of Aku’s strongest minions and is a soul collector. Using the essence of a warrior’s soul, he can create many foes to put in Jack’s way. He never fights head-on himself and prefers to use the souls he captured to fight in his place. He is capable of teleportation, as well as being able to recreate warriors indefinitely. Demongo is truly a force to be reckoned with.
In the new game Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, you have to face this enemy six times before finally being able to vanquish him, and his wave after wave of enemies.
This model was created with a bit of artistic liberty, as well as using the knowledge that after all the souls are freed Demongo is essentially powerless, thus the sad expression on his face.  Some key details included are the skulls that make up the torso of Demongo, the majestic cape, and the playful stature. The skulls are from the Bionicle line, and the blue flame is a DUPLO fire element. The fabric is also LEGO, coming from the toy story Zurg, and Darth Vader cape.