The Handler Is Alive


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I was sure that the handler was out of the equation, but then again Hazel was never a good assassin. Though she is alive, she is no longer responsible for number five. She was demoted back to the desk where five once worked. It’s killing her to let go of all the power she once had and to be forced to stay away from the man that is responsible for her failure. It’s only a matter of time before the handler overthrows the people at the company to seek her revenge on the Umbrella Academy starting by getting to Vanya before the old gangsters get to her.

Luther The Body Guard

Luther is respected in this time period because of his muscles, but we all know deep down she is a teddy bear who didn’t get enough hugs. After turning his back on five because he doesn’t care about the end of the world, he caught Vanya diving home the drunken man who made a scene in the club. Because Vanya lost her memory she had no recognition of her brother. He later than found her to apologize for not being there for her. All he could remember was the day when he locked her away because he was afraid. In actuality, the entire family is to blame for the end of the world. She wouldn’t have been so enraged had she not been lied to and kept away from them for years. Later on in the episode, Vanya started to remember what she did to Luther and her family. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean she will go crazy again before anyone can stop her. This time I’m hoping that the family will stand with her for once.

Spiritual Klaus


Klaus was arrested along with Alison’s husband Raymond but was eventually released because of his celebrity status. When he came back to the 60’s he was just being his usual self, a bum. When he met a wealthy old lady who showered him with money he began showing off his spiritual powers. By powers of course I mean Ben. Klaus bit off more than he could chew with this stunt. He has to now continue to manipulate people so that he could get them to leave him alone and spew “pearls of wisdom”. We love Klaus, but he is everything but a spiritual leader. There is much more to admire about him, like how he does a fantastic job at disgracing the family without a care in the world. Klaus is just a mood.

The Tape

Five discovered the tape that Hazel placed in his pocket before being shot. The tape showed the day that JFK was assassinated which hadn’t happened yet in their time period. It was shocking to them but not shocking to me that Sir. Hargreeves was there the day that it happened they even began to speculate that he was the one who killed them. This might be a possibility because nobody understood Sir. Hargreaves and nobody can understand why he did the things that he did. Five and Diego decided to pay their pops a visit at the D.S Umbrella where it all started. Then it wasn’t an academy just a place that Sir.Hargreeves did his research. His son’s were greeted by a beating from Sir.Hargreeves himself and baby Pogo. If they really knew their father they would’ve known that that’s no way to introduce themselves to their father. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m beginning to like this season a lot better than the last because of the amazing origin story that we are witnessing on screen. In season one we were just introduced to the umbrella academy as an emotionally dysfunctional family mess, but now we get to see why and how. I was hoping to see the young Sir Hargreaves and so far my predictions are coming true. When five and Diego visited the D.S umbrellas, baby Pogo (who is absolutely adorable by the way)was in a room with a family of dolls and a video camera. I’m guessing Sir Hargreves was training him to be a family caretaker which means he knew when and where the children were going to be born. How does one become instantly pregnant and give birth less than 24 hours? is the mystery. I wouldn’t be surprised if he created some pregnancy serum to make mutants that he could train to save the world. It sounds crazy, but this is why we love the Umbrella Academy. We don’t know what we’re gonna get, but if we’re lucky it will be the end of the world again.

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